Myrkulverse D&D Campaign Log - Iron Kingdoms

Session 67 - 5th of Cintin - Late Morning - Temple of the Servitude Undying

3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each

40 Concordance

Loot From Fight

130 gold, cracked blood red gem

Skull Pauldron Black plate +2 Full plate Grapple check grants 1d6 piercing damage, once per short rest you summon dmg resist to all except radiance until next turn, Bonus Action

Fiendesh Longsword +1 1d8 Nec

Dreadful Mace +1 1d8 Nec

Set, can channel dark energy once a day for 6d10 action necro dmg cone 20ft, undead auto fail, secondary set bonus, once per short rest you can target a creature within 60 ft, dc15 con save or 4d10 necro dmg and you get the full hit points

Red Crimson Cloak, req attunement, resistance to fire damage… also gives +2 DC for druid spells, blight radius 15 ft now

Blighted Hide+2 hide(Med Armor?), as bonus action the wearer can move up to their speed without provoking OA’s 2x day refresh on long rest

Staff of Blight Replenish the blight +2 quarterstaff allows use of blighted bolt ability 60 ft target 1 creature 4d8. Once per day can summon 60 ft blight aura as an action

The red druid lay dead on the battle field and the undead knight knocked out.

We looted the group and moved the knight inside. A prayer for Myrkul was given and answered, in the room lay a special time torture coffin! We placed our dear friend, Kainthes, inside and aged him a year… then two years… and finally 10 years…

His resolve somehow remained as he spent mentally over a decade in a box. He punched hard and nuked the group between the agings.

In the end, the group had to murder him. Rayven learns he is not ready for the dagger again and the group learns that this was essentially a Cryxian black op group.

We have a discussion as a team and decide to pursue the cultists for the moment.

Session 68 - 6th of Cintin - Early Morning - Temple of the Servitude Undying
3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each 45 Concordance

The trade master Devon Thinklaforte is our trade master at the Temple of the Servitude Undying. Leo put a guard at Shadow’s keep, 100 strong of Cygnarian mercenaries under Bartholomew. We discuss checking out the keep north of Temple of the Servitude Undying on the way to Shadow’s Keep called Balaash Fortress. We also discussed hitting up the soup kitchen in Caspia. Leo lets us know that Jeeves is running things at the kitchen. Jeeves has a constant stream or Myrkulites coming to TOTSU and we send a message telling him to also send those just looking for work. Sinsear makes a deal with Deeter to study the Cannon and nothing else, any future actions on the cannon has to be agreed to by Sinsear.

Dorian contacts us for updates and Shadow answers. Shadow explains some Cryxian black ops attacked us and we defeated them. Dorian believes us but says there’s nothing they can do at this time. Dorian lets us know that Balaash is held by the Skorn Empire. He says that assaulting it would not be backed by the King, but if there’s no survivors then there’s no complaints. We do mention we could use some backup. Dorian lets us know the King approves, but no Cygnarian insignia can be shown and no survivors allowed. We can’t fly a Cyngnarian flag or expect back up there for 1 month. From this we gather we have the tactic approval to expand as we see fit, as long as Cygnaria is never suspected. We’re never to fly a flag for a full 30 days after capture of any new territory. The King agrees to send troops to help us attack the Lieutenants when we head there.

Ike and Sinsear stay to work on Thralls while the rest of us head to Shadow’s Keep. Ike and Sinsear grab 14 Myrkulites in hopes of training them on Thralls. They are all successfully trained.

Rayven, Nerion and Shadow all head to Shadow’s Keep when something happens…

P.S Ike is upgrading his weapon at the cost of 3 sessions of only 1 luck die (+7 to the roll if lower than the first die)

Session 69 - time is irrelevant (but it should still be Cintin 6th) - location is irrelevant (TotSU and a trail to Shadow’s keep)
3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each 45 Concordance

The Trek begins. Nerion, Shadow, and Rayven are on the move to Shadow’s keep. On the 3rd morning of the 8(?) day journey, Rayven blasted a lizard and consumed it. Not to be outdone, Nerion went into stealth, cast a bunch of spells, and also managed to catch a lizard, albeit a much smaller one than Rayven’s.

That evening the party woke to find themselves in a confrontation. After some ground shaking, a large worm thing popped out and attempted to make a meal of the group. They finally got a good look at the creature and determined it to be a Kingfisher Worm.

-depiction may vary due to the immense terror the group exhibited-

As battle commenced, Shadow is snagged and partially swallowed. This was not what he hoped for. Rayven got the same treatment, but managed to smack the beastie with his hammer. It caused a wee bit of a contusion. Maybe a little more than wee.
Graaaaaa. The Worm then caused a large fissure in the ground that caused Nerion and Rayven to fall 40’ down. Rayven luckily managed to make sure Nerion was under him to ease his landing. The Worm dove in after them, with Shadow still being nibbled on.
At this time, Nerion, the Lord of Cheese, pulled some stinky limburger ability from his butthole and made the Worm vulnerable to damage. Shadow decided he’d had enough love nibbles and proceeded to do what wizards do; blow shit up. The mighty Disintigration spell coupled with Nerion’s Contagion ultimately wrecked Mister Worm to the point it tried to flee.
Of course, Rayven wasn’t having any of that. He chased the Worm down and gave it an ass whoopin’. How he found the Worm’s ass will be a question for the ages.
2 legendary components were procured from the corpse of the Worm.
The party rested and continued their journey, finally reaching Shadow’s keep. They met some scrub outside on the road named Bartholomew (sp to save my life) who, after some prodding, admitted to running the keep.
Once they were inside, Shadow climbed on a convenient mound and proclaimed the name of the keep… The Bone Vault Citadel!
Shadow tasked Bart with finding some crafters, building roads, not building railroads, and other logistical hoo hah.

Meanwhile, back at the Temple of Cheese, I mean Servitude Undying, Ike and Sinsear trained the thrall makers and committed a certain act of mischief that will be great fun in the future.

Both groups are now on their way to meet at the designated rendevous.

Cintin 22 - The group regroups

3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each 45 Concordance

The group is with the armies and outside the fort between the two strongholds.

We discuss whether or not to just lay waste to the fort or try and negotiate. Ultimately we remember that it is a Skorn Empire fort and they are known for being bloodthirsty. We determine we should challenge their champions with our own, however, Ike wants to try slipping in and poisoning the guard.

We decide to fight, while Ike slips in using Shadow to cast invisibility beforehand. Before arriving, the group rolls very well on several deception checks for things like uniforms and documents, and recalling history. We are about as cleverly disguised as an army could be. Once the preparations are completed, we set off for the fort in earnest, eager for dueling and subterfuge.

Note: We signed the forged papers as Dominar Morghoul, who Ray believed would have the authority to sign such a document from his history recollection.

As we approach we are beckoned into the fort, we proceed while Ike sneaks around. After becoming a wee bit too flamboyant, Nerion talks us into a fight. Combat begins and Ike with insane amount of movement manages to get to us before Shadow conjures a wall of force, blocking in everyone with the leader.

Life Smash GIF

The trash mobs are very confused, but eventually pull out the pen and paper and get the trigonometry down. sin θ = Opposite Side/Hypotenuse, cos θ = Adjacent Side/Hypotenuse, tan θ = Opposite Side/Adjacent Side, or some shit like that.

Figure It Out What GIF by CBC

They finally get some grenades lobed over and manage to deal some damage. Other trash mobs attempt to jump over the wall via the roof nearby and die on impact. Very, very weak.

humpty dumpty animation GIF by Channel Frederator

Ray FINALLY gets a chance to use his Night Cyclone and it wreaks havoc amongst the minion-like trash mobs strewned about the courtyard.

We end the session on Ikes turn, with the leader looking hardly worse for wear and many trash mobs remaining.

Session 71 - Cintin 22
3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each 45 Concordance

Ike, having taken a beating from Zadesh’s last greataxe combo, decides to back out. He uses the Rune on his staff to knock Zadesh away from him, then vaults over the wall, kicking the jaw off a guard in the process. He then impales his staff through 2 more guards, executing them both. Shadow attempts to blast Zadesh with a firebolt, but is distracted by maintaining his concentration on the wall of force and misses. More of the guards move into position from around the fortress. Another tries to jump over the wall and barely manages to climb down without breaking his neck. Rayven then walks up behind Zadesh and lands a critical blow, bloodying him.

The Night Cyclone continues to rampage through the guards and sucks up 2 more, striking a third with a lightning bolt. Another Guard cowers directly beneath it, somehow managing to avoid both being sucked in or struck by lightning. Sinsear focuses on Zadesh’s battleaxe and it begins to glow with intense heat. He then wards himself with spectral blades preparing for retaliation. Zadesh drops his axe and slaps his bracers together, causing them to expand into gauntlets. He then punches Rayven in the face. The blow triggers an explosion, damaging everyone in the vicinity. He then jumps over to Shadow and punches him in the face, but Shadow manages to maintain his concentration.

Nerion then reaches out, and gently caresses Zadesh. Zadesh questions Nerion’s sexual orientation, to which Nerion replies that he has just given him the mother of all STDs. Ike then runs to three more of the guards, dropping each one with a strike but missing a thrown dagger at a fourth. Shadow takes aim and attempts to disintegrate Zadesh, but the barbarian dodges the deadly ray. The remaining guards attempt to retaliate at Ike but can not target him accurately through his displacement cape. The guards outside the encampment ready themselves to attack when the opportunity presents itself. Zadesh runs at Shadow and leaps over him, using his head as a footstool and landing on the other side of the wall of force.

Shadow then drops the wall and Ray reaches forward and casts Plagueburst on Zadesh and the waiting guards, killing several of them and causing Nerion’s STD to daze him. The cyclone devours the last two guards in its vicinity and dissipates. Sinsear drops another wall of force over him, sealing him in with the plague and preventing him from doing anything useful. He then drops the wall, allowing Nerion to rush in. Nerion weakens him and smites him to the ground. Ike runs up onto the wall to wipe out the remaining guards, but once on top, sees that there were more than he thought. So instead of jumping over, he throws darts at 2 of them, dropping them, and drops back on the inside of the wall to unload a flurry of blows on Zadesh with a side of poison. Shadow then rushes forward into the pool of plague and imprisons Zadesh in his worst fears. One of the machine gunners takes aim at Shadow and lands a hit even through his conjured shield.

The last guard inside the walls strikes at Rayven and hits him, taking damage from his Night Armor. Rayven leaps onto the roof and fires a bolt of twilight down at the fleeing Zadesh. Sinsear steps forward and sends a rain of magic missiles down at him, finally finishing him. Ike jumps back over the wall and finishes off the last two gunmen as Nerion descends the stairs and chops off Zadesh’s head. He tries to reanimate the head to prolong his suffering and make him witness the defeat of his armies but then remembers that he doesn’t know any magic that would allow him to do this.

Session 72 - Cintin 22
3680 GP + 8200 Bank Note + 10 Gold Bars 500 gp each 45 Concordance


Our armies clashed on the battlefield, unaware of the resolved conflict at the base. The forces of the Undead Lords made quick work of the Skorn soldiers and archers, suffering virtually no substantive losses.

Thralls were made(Page 143), eleven bone bags.

In the fortress, the group debates who should take over our new “winter retreat”. After some discussion, we ended up giving the resort in-making to Lord Rayven.

As soon as the ownership was determined, Lord Nerion offered his assistance in procuring servants to serve every need of their masters. We went out into the world and procured serving staff, two masseuses, a sommelier, and a chef! All of the fairer sex!!!

The hot tub spa will be clothing optional and anything goes is the rule!

We traveled forth from the keep. Sinsear was offered the chance to bed a dwarfette but decided happiness and love didn’t suit him. Just plain armor will do!

EDIT: I was not here at the very very end.

As we reached Sand Watch our main forces clashed with their forces, it was a close battle with much bloodshed. We ended up overrunning them and their forces ran. We lost Boom from Above and the ballista force, but the rest survived. The casualty report is below

Myrkulites Artillery is down to 6

Soul hunter Thrall Calvary is down to 1

Grey Waste Death Knights are down to 7

Discarded Remains Thrall Rifleman down to 4

Gobby 1 down to 1

Gobby 2 down to 3

Human Peasants down to 6

Chair force Down to 2

Myrkulite Infantry down to 9

We now match on, Myrkul’s forces vs Lieutenant Strangle, Rayven passes the Flask made by SInsear to start the battle!