Myrkulverse D&D Campaign Log - Iron Kingdoms

The setting for this game is a bit niche and not very widely known. As we are playing within the Mykrulverse the entire multiverse of campaign settings (forgotten realms, eberron, World of Warcraft, Warhammer, so on and so forth) is essentially up for grabs I wanted to run a campaign in a setting I’ve personally played in a few times and had tons of fun with. My brief summation of the setting is a more Metal, more technology filled D&D, where most amazing things are actually a mix of mechanical engineering and magic called Mechanicka. There are trains, trolleys, and even a few sky ships. Most importantly there are Warjacks and Laborjacks, semi-sentient steam powered constructs. And guns. Lots of guns.

This is the version of the book we are using currently - IRON KINGDOMS: REQUIEM *5e* by Privateer Press — Kickstarter

The Players : As part of their mission from Myrkul to come to this world, they were given the decree to have their bodies changed to one of the natural denizens of the world. Their objective so far is vague : “Gain Wealth, Gain Fame, and Establish a headquarters.”

  1. Rayven, a Soulless (very white, very creepy version of human, that is resistant to all magic but can never cast any himself )Gunfighter of the Sniper Variant
  2. Scree, a Cryxian (savage, human, hated by most others on this world) Cleric of Guile.
  3. Nerion, a Khadoran (think more russian like, not despised but very war heavy) Oathbreaker Paladin/ Hexblade Warlock.
  4. Roofer, an Iosan (elf of this world) Eldritch Knight Fighter - the only one to not be hiding an undead nature.

A Teaser I gave the players prior to session 1, which helps to establish the scene of their arrival on Caen :

Campaign Teaser : It has been two months since the successful defense of the Temple of Myrkul. Following that aftermath you four have been chosen to embark on a long-term mission to the planet Caen who’s existence only became known to Myrkul as his influence grows. Having been warned of other flying vessels on this planet, the crew of the Death’s Wish exert caution by only entering the stratosphere of the planet. Through powerful enchantments to amplify one’s vision, Lord Scree aids in the positioning of the ship. Once in position miles and miles above The City of Walls, Caspia, you each drink what appears to be an empty vial and all four of you step off into air from the bow of the ship. Like silent, invisible missles your bodies gain more and more speed. The ground, once so distant becomes clearer. Your destination firmly in sight your resolve heightens. Seconds go by, then a minute, and then two. It’s not long until the ground will claim you. As planned, each of you down another vial, this time of a white color. Your velocity towards the ground becomes a trickle of what it once was. Allowing you to survey the city in its beauty. You take note of some nearby landmarks and realize the city has some ugliness to it as well. That you can work with.

Session 1

The party lands in the shitty part of Caspia, known as “the Dregs” all meeting up in a desolate alleyway filled with trash and debris. There they undo their invisibility and begin to take note of their immediate surroundings. The party notices they are being watched from one of the piles of debris, the sensation being triggered by a red light. After some interaction and investigation they uncover a defunct laborjack. After pulling its power core Lord Nerion summoned his warstead and stowed the metal creature across the saddle.

They proceed to hit a tavern named “The Shovel and Pickle” and gather some more information, including the name and location of “The Iron Gut” - the local job broker for mercenaries. This place is hard to miss when it is in sight as it sits several stories in the air, adjacent to one of Caspia’s many walls. It’s called the Iron Gut because it resides within the belly of a scrapped Colossal Warjack of Old.

Next to the Shovel and Pickle they also notice a bulletin board labelled upcoming attractions in front of an unlabelled warehouse that has very loud music coming from inside. This bulletin board lists several dates and name of what appear to be performers of a sort. The party has no idea what day it is and proceeds to not ask for the entire session.

Before venturing to the Iron Gut, the party finds a shop for their laborjack, called the “Kenneth Shop” and drop him off there. The mechanik, Kenneth, agrees to look at it when he finds time.

They venture to the Iron Gut and proceed to set up their own mercenary company after some truth spelled questioning. Only one of any suspicion was Scree as he seemed to be purposely provoking the gobber named Misty who was interviewing them, trying to see if they were spies for the Infernals, Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth or had any Ill intention towards King Julius. Name of the mercenary group to be decided upon next session.

They gathered the name of the nearest magika item shop, named Crazy Curios, run by Detter.

When asking for work the newly founded mercenary group were offered three different missions, all of them D rank, only one of which they asked further information on.

  1. Clear out rats from the sewer - 500 gp
  2. Find a missing Feline - 500gp was marked out and replaced with 1000 gp
  3. Escort a Business man - 400gp

They decided on the missing feline. And found out they need to find an Aether Panther known as Smittens and the poster of the job is Lynda.

Session 1 end.

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24th of Rowan 10:30 am at mercenary counter still

The group asked Misty for more information and went over the mission packet with her. Confirmed the jobgiver is located in the Outer Cloister southwest and then north of the Dregs. Received a writ of passage for (5) entries to the Outer Cloister. Inquired with another mercenary group called the Scarlet shadow, led by an ogren named Rodger, in the Iron Gut for information about the contact, Dara Sunbright. Reported as an unexceptional noblewoman. Told the value of an Aether Panter was 15k-20k gold. Told that Jade is the nightshift contact at the Iron Gut. Took the elevator from the second floor of the bar to the lower access area to journey to the point of contact. Lord Nerion healed the level 1 exhaustion of Lord Scree and Lord Rayven.

The group traveled successfully to the entrance to the Outer Cloister and encountered 2 guards at the transition checkpoint. Inquired as to which area of the Outer Cloister the Sunbright residence was and were told it was on the South East side. Lord Rayven inquired for more information and was given street directions by a passing rickshaw driver. Arrived at the compound and met with Dara Sunbright and her ogren butler Tol’Guk regarding the circumstances of the Panter’s dissapperance.

Learned that the panther was in bed with Dara and missing in the morning, arranged a questioning of the 2 primary contacts and the 11 other staff members of the estate with minimal results aside from eliminating questions of their involvement in the panther’s disappearance. A closer investigation of the animal’s play area and the wall revealed a set of boot tracks that appeared to originate from someone jumping from the top of the wall and landing in the yard below. Lord Rayven followed the tracks which led to the balcony access which adjoined to the Lady’s bedroom above. Lord Scree, noticed that there was a pile of magic void fur, through casting detect magic, on the ground below the balcony that resulted in the group discovering an anti-magical sleep dart.

Squire Roofer climbed over the wall and cast detect magic to assist in the investigation of the possible direction of the catnapper’s path. the group followed the path of the fur to a newly constructed 4’ fence that was crossed and continued to follow the negative magic aura fur from the residence to the checkpoint where they were informed in a series of questioning that a Crixian reportedly named, Nemo, had crossed the checkpoint the night of the disappearance at approximately 1 AM, notated as a savage piece of shit. Continued to follow the trail until arriving at a nondescript warehouse in the dregs.

Lord Scree used his x-ray goggles to pear through the walls of the warehouse and reported 7 humanoids and 3 non-humanoids inside, a pig, a spider and a magic void that appeared to be catlike in shape. Lord Nerion, knocked on the door. After several seconds a humanoid warrior answered the door. Lord Nerion attempted to gain entry into the building as Lord Scree cast a suicide bomber like magic on him, the warrior turned to inquire with a man named Dirk as to whether he should allow entry. Lord Rayven shot him in the back of the head. Combat began with Lord Nerion finishing off the warrior by transforming into his warebear form and consuming his face and charging into the warehouse. 2 mortals, a commoner and a noble attempted desperately to escape after seeing the warrior dispatched in a matter of seconds. Squire roofer threw out 4 eldritch blasts at the escaping noble and attempted to block the doorway as Lord Scree unleashed his Stacia’s Hellfire within the warehouse. The one called Dirk attempted to escape only to be hit with Squire Roofer’s Shocking Grasp while running out the door and managing to turn the first corner with his dash action.

Lord Rayven fired a shot at the noble wounding him further and on his second shot targeting the common woman, his pistol jammed. The encounter continued with the Human Greatsword user, Druce attempting to best Squire Roofer at the door, landing a solid hit on him for a quarter of his life. Lord Nerion and Lord Rayven heroically intervened in the squre’s plight, Lord Rayven dropping his pistol and drawing his crossbow to finish the noble in his stride, as Squire Roofer disengaged to pursue the escaping Dirk. Thankfully Squire Roofer was able to close the gap and subdue Dirk with Hideous Laughter and Drag him back towards the doorway.

Lord Scree cast hold person on the common woman preventing her further escape. Just then, two dwarves who had previously been terrified by Lord Nerion and hiding in the hellfires inside behind overturned tables had worked up the courage to attempt an escape, they both vaulted down the stairs and thew themselves a the doorway, over, around or through they attempted to escape death’s embrace, landing prone on the ground behind the Ancient Knight and Paladin. The first’s soul consumed by Deathspeaker Scree, the second shot in the face by Lord Rayven. Lord Nerion attempted unsuccessfully to knock out Druce. Lord Rayven, ordered Druce to yield, he refused, Lord Rayven strategically shot Lord Nerion in the dick, scoring a critical hit on the Paladin. Lord Nerion, knocked out Druce and with all the combatants neutralized or incapacitated the conflict was over. Now there was business to be discussed or bounty to be claimed.

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Third Session Notes:

Nerion tortured a dude. Ray searched the warehouse; found some shit. Roofer guarded the front door like a good Squire. Scree assisted Nerion by playing Nurse Rachet. Nerion broke Dirks arms. Scree Dark Fired him and stole his soul. Scree plays with the soul for the remainder of the session.

We discover that Chad would find pets. A Chad, in modern internet slang, is generally a sexually active “alpha male”. A “Chad” in this campaign is a guy who Bill Cosbies animals and does fuck who knows what with them. The Group would then capture the roofied pets and hold them.

The company then waits for mercenary guild posts for missions to retrieve these pets and waits for rewards to go up and up. Somehow the cost of feeding and guarding these pets is less than the rate of increases, which seems like a stupid thing for outsiders to not notice.

Druce’s sister knows about the warehouse. Nerion and Scree vow to experiment medically on her before claiming her soul for Myrkul. We burn the warehouse down because it contains evidence of our awesomeness. We absolutely don’t want the word accidently spreading of what we did.

The companies name is Marauding marauders. This is such a terrible name. Clearly someone homosexual thought it up. Nerion sticks his “needle” into the dudes brain to remove his memories. No one thinks this is a bad idea. The results of this surgery enhance the campaign from both a plot and story viewpoint. Druce becomes a drooling “bottom” for Nerion.

Ray throws sleeping darts at the animals and puts them all to sleep. He doesn’t do anything gay with them. We pick them up; Scree wears the spider as a hat. The animals are safely transported

We return the pets to the Sunstar chick, shes going to return the other two pets to owners for favor and hype us up. We accept 2k gold per pet (4k total) to allow her to handle the return. Gained one minor favor from her. Scree is unhappy that this benefits the group over doing the work ourselves. Nerion convinces Scree by indicating we don’t want to be animal questing people forever. Scree agrees, but vows to take sunchicks soul one day.

THE INITIAL PARCEL WE GOT FROM THE QUEST BECOMES FADED (writ of passage to outer cloister). This seems really important and why its documented in capslock. I might of zoned out during this entire section.

We go shopping at Detter’s Crazy Curio’s; Ray buys a Cannon. Gobber steals something, Scree notices and pursues him. Roofer assists and stops him. We interrogate the guy, named Nix. Iosan named Dendrick at base of Iron Gut; Nix told us about it (not in good with these guys)

Ward, some random dude, greeted us on our return to Iron Gut. We turned in mission. Druce was healed and subsequently taken away by guys in blue and gold for violating and trying to trick the adventurers league; 5 dudes escorted him away; they were all absolutely flamboyantly gay. Nerion confirmed it.

Bunch of groups at the Iron Gut; one guy strokes his hammer, Nerion is aroused. The rest of us watch the room enjoy refreshments. The night won’t end, despite everyone wanting to rest. Nerion see’s a girl with claws, he goes limp immediately.

Group of dreadful scary official people walk in in gold and dark blue. Royal guard blablabla. Scree praises King Julius Caeser. The crowd agrees with Scree. Scree notes those who didn’t say it; adds them to his mental list of souls to take.

Garret Darkfrost is the Gunmage leader. He sounds super gay too. Scree begins to wonder how healthy the birthrate is in this city with so many gays.

We are somehow trying to buy a Labor Jack, which will automate our masturbatory needs? I sorta stopped paying attention so I could type up our journal of things we did. The Labor Jack is yet another in a series of really bizare distractions meant to keep us from achieving global domination.

Scree notices the newly revealed Shovel and Pickle has perfectly aligned tables that are specifically set in a way that leads him to believe the owner is a “interior designer” in his free time. Another gay. Scree is convinced this world is in need of another demon invasion. He sets his mind on making that happen.

Scree strokes the soul of Dirk lovingly as he falls asleep for a long rest.

4th Session

We took a long rest and the Shovel and Pickle and decided to hit up it the iron gut to see if any bounties where still up. We met Jade again and a new Bounty on Kiren “Rolling Thunder Hadley” an Ogrun was posted for 1,500 gold. The listing warned that he was armed with a lightning weapon and is wanted for killing his business partner and a town guard. The business called Thunder and Banes Acounterments is 3 blocks west of or Deter’s shop Crazy Curious. The rat bounty was still up if we decided to hit the sewers.

We met a Humas Cassius whole there who had a 2 hand adamantine weapon strapped to his back with some clever pulleys and straps to turn it into a comfortable chair. He made it himself, he said if we brought him the materials he might be able to make it for us.

Nerion wanted to hit Deters to see if he had any weapons for sale. He had a few 1 hand weapons, all using some kind of capacitor to power them. The capacitors had enough power to activate 3 times a day, but a max of 9 charges before they needed recharged by someone capable. Nerion picked up a Deafening Mace, it makes a huge sound causing force damage. Roofer grabbed an Ice Wrench. We made a twofer deal of 2k for the pair.

After the purchases we headed to Thunder and Banes to see what we could. We found the slain business partner’s son operating the place, he was pretty drunk and useless for information. He thinks we can find Kiren wherever the bad guys hang out. The story is Kiren killed his father and tossed him out the window, two town guards came when hearing the noise, one was killed and the other, Eliot, was injured. We did find out Kiren had a flat upstairs of this place.

We headed to his flat and picked the lock. Inside was a poster of the band The Mighty Wind for a past concert. We find a diary entry where Kiren got all Emo about his partner, he also mentioned doing side deals with someone, but it was smeared out. We found nothing is his locker but an empty secret compartment, we also found a loaded pistol under his pillow. I tried tracking him but lost him at the street.

Nerion using his awesome brain power said fuck it, let’s go kill the rats. We asked a guard where the sewers where and entered them. It was pretty standard fighting and we made pretty easy work of them at first. We cleared the first rooms. At the second area we saw a Rat king and Nerion wanted to set up in a room and channel them to us. All agreed but me, I went 200 feet down and set up to snipe where I immediately get gang banged by rats that came out the pipes. They knocked my down and kept me down. We managed to make a big dent in the second group when we called it for the night…

The group picked back up in the sewers, mid fight, with an army of voracious mutated rats. Rayven had chosen to be a loner and was experiencing the consequences of his decision. The heroic paladin was forced to carry the group on his back. Only with his quick thinking and selfless actions were his team members able to carry on Myrkul’s will for another day.

The heroic paladin felt that these rats were a personal unholy challenge, provided to him by Myrkul. Given to see if there were any chinks in his combat prowess. There are none.

At the completion of the combat, the group was victorious. They ventured forth and explored the sewers. Scree, timid and scared, recommended retreat back to the surface to lick our wounds. The heroic paladin knew better and lead the team forward.

They discovered the remains and piles of humanoid creatures. In it was some gold and various items but this lead the group to pursue more answers. Scree was finally useful and used his skills to assist the team in scouting.

The heroic paladin and his team were ambushed by more rats. The team was victorious but one small rat caught the attention of the heroic paladin. He decided this rat could have potential to assist in moving forward Myrkul’s will… and was cute. The rat was whiny and loud, so the befitting name of Scwee was provided to it.(I love you Scree.)

The team discovered the hidden base of operations for an alchemist in the sewers who had a special fascination with turning people into rats. The heroic paladin and his team braved forth past a barrier designed to limit sound and hide this room’s existence. The team began to talk to the alchemist but he gave some 'tude. So we shot him. Now we are in combat with the alchemist and his foul creations.

The powder smoke from Lord Rayven’s cannon shot had barely begun to clear when the group was rolled back 10 seconds for their initial interaction with the alchemist Magnus Totem. Less insulting this time the alchemist asked the group what the hell they were doing there and a get to know each other interaction ensued. Magnus has the goal of pioneering rat warfare and is an animist of sorts using magic and alchemy to strengthen or destroy his creations. Notably, his strengthening appears to work on beasts but not on his humanoid subjects. While consuming some beers the group observes the alchemist injecting a captive dwarf with a concoction that nearly manages to transform him into a warecreature of sorts and Lord Nerion offers his warebear blood to the research effort. It is then that the alchemist observes Squire Roofer’s bone-bound tome and is bewitched by its aura. The Squire agrees reluctantly to allow the researcher to partially review the arcane writings inside. The group leaves with a promise to return soon with a field report of tested rat grenades provided by Magnus to confirm the field viability of their current infantry viability.

They return to the Iron Gut to claim the bounty on the rats they dispatched on the way to the lab. Turning in a pile of severed rat tails they collect and Lord Rayven arranges a date with the gobber girl Misty for that evening and a keg of IPA for Magnus as a gift for the gnome.

They then return to the Pickle and the Shovel for a rest. Lord Scree makes a petition to the Lord of Bones, requesting a different physical form to better serve him in this errand the group has set upon. The Lord responds that the supplicant is to remove all his equipment and move to an area of open sky unobstructed by stone and iron. Lord Scree, now dressed in his priestly robes and moves from the building accompanied by the knights Nerion and Rayven. Squire Roofer meditates as they perform the order. Lord Scree moves gracefully, with purpose, guided by Myrkul’s will. As the two escorts turn a corner in pursuit of him they observe him being rent and reassembled within a beam of divine light. Transformed he has been granted a new form and new powers, yet to be fully comprehended, He is now a Borelike humanoid with tusks and an aptitude for botany. The group rests.

That evening the group returns to the base of the Iron Gut to look for the shadowy figure Dedrick, potential contact with the criminal syndicates. The group stealthily engages him in conversation and agrees to take on a mission to accompany a package via train to cryxia the following morning for the sum of 3000g and an introduction to their organization and a place within it. They agree in addition to their mission to track rolling thunder potentially compromising the bounty mission they accepted previously. The session concludes with Roofer being handed a card of certificate and being compelled through a magic message to complete the mission.

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  • Going on a train trip trying to find our cargo waiting for contact get our contract,

  • Mission to find the 8x8 giant box and guard it

  • Split up guard job shifts: nerion+scree & rayven+roofer

  • Scree sniffed everyone and everything during his shift

  • Scree Used x-ray vision to peer inside box during downtime

    • Large box contained two cylinders oddly attached to a Cygnaran insignia on the warjack
    • Large box also contained one weapon adjacent to warjack bunch of crates
    • One box with magelock pistols
    • One box with repeater rifles
    • One box with cloth
    • Misc barrels filled with undertermined liquid
  • Nala, the whore of ireland, picks up shit and does stuff to roofer/ray ray hits on her

  • Nala has 2 Ogrun body guards, ray didn’t whip out his cannon

  • Contact on train is Belly Ache

  • Route to Black Water


  • Ray Exchanged conversations with Caytlin Nala

  • War payload attached to a commuter train

  • Ray has a dinner with the diplomat scheduled for the next evening Pretty much, just the two names of the waitress and the dip

Roofer and I take over guard duty as we approach the next stop Southshield. Scree heads off to rest but Nerion tries to check out all the incoming passengers from Southshield. Much to the chagrin of the conductor who wants Nerion to move on. Nerion immediately goes deep into drama queen mode feigning sickness, then huddling into a ball hugging his knees while crocodile tears stain his blouse. Eventually he realizes that there’s 4 entrances into this train and his performance that’s impressing no one is also fruitless and heads to his room. On the way to the room he passes up a tough lookin dude whom we learn later is Dusty Rhodes. Roofer and Rayven, not being complete idiots, choose not to peruse the town and leave the goods unguarded no matter how many times the voice in the sky asks us too.

Rayven has his Date with Caitlin Hugh the diplomat which Roofer crashes. Between Roofer and Rayven (mainly Roofer) we learn this is her 36th trip to Blackwater in Cryx. She’s only been to Southshield once and wasn’t overly impressed with the place. We learn of the blackmarket in Blackwater. It’s in the SW part of town. To get there, head to the destroyed bridge, under it is an alcove, from the alcove we’ll see a tunnel, follow the tunnel to the black market. It’s important to make sure we have no government insignia showing or on us. Roofer eventually leaves us to finish our date. Caitlin and Rayven retreat to her room where his diligence leads to a future favor from any Cygnorian diplomat if we use her name.

After a full night’s rest Roofer and I head back to the car with the package to see what’s happening. As the four of us are chatting we notice someone coming down the train in a panic doing their best to get us to put a bullet in their brain. He convinces Nerion to go up a few cars to investigate what seems to be some criminal element trying to rob the train. Nerion takes off by himself and Roofer looks at Scree and I like are we letting him go by himself , which of course we are, he’s a big boy. Roofer takes it upon himself to backup Nerion while Scree and I guard the cargo. Nerion finds the fight he’s looking for, it takes a bit for Roofer to catch up. Nerion laughs maniacally as it seems nothing can hit him. Mini cannon balls are missing him by inches as they crash into his attackers, splashing damage to all around. Roofer and Nerion are tag teaming and taking names with the occasional cannonball shot from Rayven when all hell breaks loose behind them. The cars between them and the cargo come alive with more criminal elements trying to cash in. Rayven and Scree prepare for the rush. Roofer heads our way leaving what’s left by them for Nerion to play with. The real fight begins…

We left off with our hero, the Paladin, single handedly laying down the law of Myrkul to the heathens. He had ordered Scree and Rayven to stay back, in safety, and allowed the squire to witness the might of Myrkul with his own mortal eyes.

The Paladin was doing well but to the obstinance of his teammates, the enemy was given an opportunity. Rayvens cannon failed to hurt the Paladin in a meaningful way, but had blasted a part the entire section of the locomotive carriage he was in. Some damage might have been done to the enemy, too.

Such lowly creatures did not strive to die gloriously in melee combat but worked as a team to shove our hero out of the carriage. This act killed one of the bandits instantly upon landing and caused the other to run. The Paladin was only irritated.

Rayven and Scree ended up protecting the metallic crate until the heroic Paladin could return. The enemy decided to all commit suicide in knowledge that the Paladin was returning. Scree and Rayven should be grateful for his aura of fear.

However, Rayven and Scree allowed the enemy to damage the crate. The team worked hard to repair the crate but the authorities took notice. The team was questioned, as was the heroic paladin as he carried a bandit to his quarters for interrogation.

In his quarters, the Paladin discovered, through crafty interrogation, the nature of the Blood Brothers, the name of their leader, and the general location to find him. This information was shared with the squire for safe keeping.

The Paladin, ever so wise, used the opportunity to grant Scwee a chance to learn. Using their training, Scwee excavated his way down the enemy’s throat. However, more practice was needed and the gracious Paladin used his medical skills to extract Scwee.

The team convinced the crew to continue their journey instead of stopping the train and managed the interrogation of the bodyguards assigned to Rayven’s date, Caitlyn.

As he tucked in for the night, the Paladin whispered words of affirmation to his beloved Scwee. To his surprise… he heard a response!!!

The group successfully, dealt with the “bandits” who were there to sabotage or steal the defunct warjack that they were set to guard on the train trip to Blackwater. They killed most but subjugated and captured two. Actually in three in total but Nerion had his way with her and killed her while gaining no valuable information. While the party left Nerion to turn the captured bandits, they proceeded to escort the goods to the buyer in Blackwater. A tanned but bald Cryxian, with red tattoos who went by the name Radu. The transaction between bellyache and Radu happened without much issue and all was going as planned. Bellyache carried a big chest of gold back, being escorted by Rayven, Scree and Roofer. Meanwhile Nerion successfully gained credit for helping to stop these terrible bandits who would have done much worse than destroy two train carts. House Nevesteri is owed a good word for Nerion from the Ambassador Caitlin Hugh. On the way back, when arriving at the train station edges with gold chest in tow the returning group queried Nerion about the status of the train and his efforts to keep them out of trouble. Nerion insists everything is good. This news seems to spark a fantastic idea from Rayven. He decides it is time to be paid now that the chest is in hand, cargo delivered, despite the job being incomplete as agreed to initially. Roofer, Scree and Rayven tried to force him to pay the gold upfront, after some terrible arguements were made, they were unsuccessful. He turned himself invisible and ran away. They waited for Nerion to show up and appraise him of the situation and returned to Radu’s hideout warehouse where they wished to gain favor Radu, poising themselves as honorable business partners (after just betraying the guy they were escorting). The party eager to make contact with a Lich Lord, agreed to disarm and go inside the warehouse to talk, no suspicion was raised on their side as to these requests. Once inside and upon the landing between floors, Bellyache came out and guns were raised at the party. Session end.

The party was surrounded by a crew of security gunners and workshop mechanics. The Underworld higher up Belly Ache had made it back to the workshop before their return and the Blood Letter gang was ready to take a pound of flesh or two as payback for the dissolvement of the party’s arrangements with the underworld of Cygnar. The parties argued about the interpretation and delivery of the mission specifics until Belly Ache agreed to forget the evens so long as he could beat Lord Rayven to critical unconciousness. The party and Lord Rayven agreed. The mage commenced to physically begin slapping on th willing ancient knight. Lord Rayven showing excellent virility and fortitude was pleasured by the multitude of slaps well beyond the point of climax the mage began to cast magic missiles at the Lord Rayven. In the end the Crimelord was satisfied as well and the party began the process of raising the Lord from his critical state. Lord Nerion, being a natural doctor, skillfully thrust a sword hilt into Lord Rayven’s rectum. As the Ancient Knight awoke from his slumber Squire Roofer, took a action of applying 1 of the two Health Potions to Lord Rayven and handed of another provided by their hosts.

The mood lightened and the group enjoined some beers and discuss the next steps. Lord Scree agreed to escort Belly Ache back to Cygnar and the 3 others would remain in Cryx to further explore the relationship between the Undead and the living in their society. Lord Nerion asked to speak with Redu in private and learned thAt while the Undead are reveared and the leaders of the Cryxian Empire itself, the 12 figureheads along with the majority of the population kos as a general rule any Undead that is not one of the 12.

The party decided to leave Cryx and return to Cygnar to continue to grow in their understanding of this world. Delighted with the return of his compatriots Belly Ache revealed his real name instead of his mission callsign, he says he is called Thadious and that he is one of the 4 LT. of the shadowmist. Intrigued by Squire Roofer’s Bone Bound Tomb, he asks for a demonstration of it’s granted abilities. Squire Roofer, demonstrated the Bone Tyrant form and dispatches 2 wolves summoned by the wizard.

Lord Nerion, discussed with his pet rat Skwee if he could do anything to make him happier and the small traveler requested fresh guts and that he hates trans, he also requested more soft things inside of his Lord’s gauntlets.

Thadious conveyed that he would answer a question for each of the travelers and conveyed

Knowledge about the nobel houses to Nerion.

Knowledge about warcasters and their training and where to train, Roofer.

Knowledge about the underworld to Rayven.

Upon arriving back in Cygnar, he leads the group to the entrance to a guarded room through a series of buildings and tunnels and the session concluded.

Once in the Lair and refreshments are served, Thadius leads us one at a time into a separate room for questioning. We all allow a truth device to be used, the questions all seem to be based on keeping the King and Kingdom safe or at not least having intention of harm to either. Seems this underground group are patriots. We all passed and were allowed entry level positions into this group who call themselves the Shadow Mist. We finally get paid and Nerion is given a sending stone so he can contact us.

We visited our Friendly alchemist Magnus in the sewer and he gifted us some Rage Potions. We asked if there were any rooms close to him open with a vacant house up top. He shows us a room close by and we head up to street level via a manhole. There are two houses on either side of the street. One is occupied by vagrants and has the stench of shit, piss and vomit. On inspection of that house it’s basement is literally covered in shit. We head over to the other house and rayven picks the lock. Upon entrance Rayven felt his ass pinched. Roofer follows and also gets a pinch, same with Nerion but Nerion also notices it’s a little girl ghost who is feeling us up. We search the house and find a will and a picture of the family that gives the house and all inside it to the daughter Dana who’s the little ghost girl. Upon asking around we find out the city is the most likely owner of the building and Nerion and I decide to head to the outer cloister. Roofer hangs back to get the place ready for our return. It’s our intent to get possession of the house with access to the sewers and have Alfred the Robot butler join us.

Upon seeing the guards they demand 10G each to get through. Nerion tosses the gold to the guards like we’re rich, but upon hearing my anger they quickly return the money and wish us a good night. We did find out from them there’s a Church of Menoth, seems the healers hang out there.

We head to the Iron Gut instead to get a pass. Fred is serving beer. Cassius the Chair wonder is there also. We find out he just got back from a mission himself, something involving Orgoth, he also seems to have a fence he sells too. We stop to see Misty and Jade to check up on our status. Misty is a bit pissy so I let Nerion know she’s up for grabs. We’re Rank B and she sells us 4 cards for 15 gold total so we have ID. We send a note to Dara Sunbright asking for a pass to the outer cloister. We head back to the bar to have some more drinks before calling it a night.

The team left off at the Iron Gut. Their rank now upgraded, the team still needed to complete their existing mission before seeking another.

They made their way to the shop which held their butler bot. It had been upgraded and the team learned about his various skills and made Roofer its master. Nerion was made an additional master but Rayven was too retarded to remember a few numbers. They learned that the butler could also entertain and teach children. The team realized this was an opportunity to help Dana.
On their way to bring the new mech home, the team heard the sounds of combat. They decided to investigate while sending Roofer to safely bring the warjack home. Rayven and Nerion discovered a sexy, stout… woman?? Our heroic paladin, never one to turn a lady down for assistance, stepped in and saved the day… as usual. After being saved, she shared that she was seeking a tribal heirloom from a certain Rolling Thunder… they parted ways and learned her named was Xila.

Rayven and Nerion attempted to extricate some of the living but not so conscious residents to their alchemist friend… to some success. The mad alchemist was grateful for the additional subjects The group successfully evaded the guards who came to investigate.

They ended with introducing Alfred to Dana and asked him to help educate and provide her company.

Session 12

Mid Afternoon -
Session Start at Deeters talking about the Freezing Sniper Rifle. Rayven and Roofer talk him into letting them field test it, leaving the Shattering Spike Polearm as collateral. He intends to investigate its power.

Fergus Thane - former manufacturer of Frost Capacitors, Khadoran based, died and destroyed in the requiem. The frost capacitors from 10 years before the reqiuem are the kind that power the Freezing Sniper Rifle, coined by Rayven : Cold Snap.

Deeter gave a Monocole of magic visualization to Roofer. On the correct Frost Capacitors purple flashes every 5 to 10 seconds inside the core. that denotes whether or not its of the type he is looking for.

Augustus Dante the magnificent, bard, telling stories about the reqiuem within the Shovel and Pickle, Roofer tipped 10 gold and he spoke with them briefly the following morning. Promising them at least one free gig for their upcoming soup kitchen.

Gobber councilor, Go’zam, a drunken dude initialy, approves them getting the mortim house and the vagabond house across the street. Furthering their goals of owning property and making the Church of Myrkul (soup kitchen) come to reality.

Back at the Mortin House, now the Val-ethron house, Roofer detects multiple magical sources coming from the basement within the coffin of Dana and a crate. (A ****************************)

Rayven asked for hidden goods in the basement, declared a 14 and rolled a 14, gaining 4 pre-reqiuem frost capacitors and 1 pre-reqiuem lightning capacitor.

Alfred is tasked with cleaning the house but not destroying any remaining furniture as it would bother the ghost inhabitating the place, Dana.

Party moves across the street to the house now owned by Roofer, they successfully hire head vagabond Leo Gridiron, an Ogrun veteran of the requiem to lead the cleaning and refurbishing efforts, promosing 60 silver a month to Leo and 30 silver a month to any who help. Out of 33, 8 run off with the silver promising to return and help (they wont), another 7 aside from Leo are capable carpenters/janitors.

Rayven and Nerion trick each other into getting into the shit pit in the house. Fighting in the shit, they each laugh and come to a bro moment. Afterwards they decide to stomp all the shit through the grate, Roofer joining in, (Rayven just watching), Roofer gains a level of exhaustion and Nerion gains two from Shit stomping.

Sqwee gets deployed from nerion to inspect a wooden trap hole in the side of the shit room. Within the tunnel is said to be “old food and not food but smells good”. No harm came to Sqwee in the making of this note.

Session End. 6th of Solesh. Rolling Thunder to be potentially released tomorrow.

The tactically applied power of sexual healing rejuvinated our hero and eliminated his exhaustion. With new found energy, the hero and his team left to seize the day.

Before heading to the spot, we went to check on the contractors. We set up Alfred to supply the workers for cleaning and purchased food supplies to provide them a single meal a day. (16 silver/day). The team then

The team arrived at the spot early. After some time, he showed himself and Rayven blew his leg off from the knee down. Rolling was thrown onto the back of the hero’s mount, after some brief questioning he reveals that the location of the tribal heirloom of Xila’s.

We sought out the individual and learned that the heirloom is cursed. He claims he didn’t murder his business partner and instead the “shadow” did the deed.

Well, we found a shadow creature attacking the collector that was in possession of the heirloom. He was running so, of course, Rayven blows his knee out with his gun. We make quick work of the cursed creature and took the heirloom back. Rayven then executes the guy in broad daylight. I am sure this will not have any repercussions. Perhaps another sword hilt will correct his behavior.Or two.

We turned in Rolling and collected 1500 gold. We then chose not to take any more quests and to wait for Thaddeus to set us up. It is the 7th of Solach.

The session began in the Iron gut with Xyla and Nerion debating the hand over of the jade crown that she sought to restore her family’s charge to keep it safe. In the course of the exchange Lady Xyla decided to discharge her anal glands in the bar resulting in a noxious gas filling the bar. After much discussion and bribery the anger of the other patrons was averted and the group agreed to escort her to the location where the crown needed to be interned.

Arriving at the temple of the Badger Clan, the group began searching for the entrance to the crypt. Finding it on the right side the group began to try and decipher the puzzle to enter. In the search for clues Squire Roofer found a Hang glider in a of top chest with notations of research for the item and an assortment of coinage. Iside of a coffin the group found the clue of one seeks the stars and one seeks hell. This allowed the adventurers to decipher the positioning of the statues to gain entry to the crypt. Searching the initial areas revealed Alchemy notes regarding the creation of the Badger Clan members ancestors, a trap door and a sarcophagus containing the jade lord Theodore himself but a decoy coffin apparently. The blue armor on the body by Lord Nerion. The group descended through the trap door and discovered a lower dungeon area. The Session concluded here.

At the end of the next long rest, the party will level.

The trap door led to a passageway that’s blocked off by a portcullis, the ground is littered with half a dozen desiccated corpses. The corpses are mostly bone with some meat here and there and show no signs of life. Nerion uses mage hand to pull the switch on the other side of the portcullis to open it, he fails miserably. He chooses not to check for traps or to investigate and instead bashed a hole into the gateway. As he walks through the gate it triggers a trap and the corpses rise as some kind of super zombies. It was touch and go, Rayven is a swing from death, Roofer downs a potion to safeguard his life. The almighty Nerion taps or tickles, it’s hard to tell, a zombie off to the side doing almost no damage. The great hero Lady Xyla uses her gloves of awesomeness to severely damage 3 of them and turns the tide for Roofer and I to help her clean up. Nerion taps and tickles the solo zombie until we help him finish it off. Using great wisdom Nerion decides we’ll take a short rest in the middle of this dungeon, the rest is immediately interrupted by a drive by Skeleton Lord. We decided to rest upstairs and regain our health.

Once healed we head back in and through to portcullis, Nerion plays dartboard to a ballista at the end of the hallway. I take it out and half the wall it’s hidden behind. We approach the dead ballista with Nerion in the lead. Nerion peeks in and sees a chest with shiny stuff all around it. He immediately dives through the hole in the wall Rayven made to check the treasure out. With the trapped room and the deadly zombies fresh in his mind he approaches the chest. Proving he has learned nothing, he investigates nothing, checks for no traps, takes it one step further and kicks the chest before opening it. It explodes in his face, glass shrapnel from the 4 healing potions we desperately needed shred his face. Fortunately for him he gets enough healing potion up his nose in the shrapnel to not take too much damage. Everything in the treasure chest is destroyed but 163GP.

Roofer takes the lead in the tunnel checking for traps and finding many. Rayven backs him up, disarming all of them. We find a wall blocking us, it’s a puzzle we solve by yanking on some chains. Once through the secret wall we find a storage room. While searching the storage room the Jade Lord Theodore approaches. Lady Xyla with the crown returned to her by us talks him down and returns the crown to him. The mission being a success he allows us to pillage the place for an hour. Roofer and I search away as Nerion proselytize to the Jade Lord trying to convert him to Myrkul. We end the session as we discuss using this property as a Church of Myrkul so our disciples can keep him and his crown protected. Rayven promises to reset all the traps.

Loot- Between the storage room and a secret compartment we find. 1 Bottle with green fluid inside, 9 platinum, 6 gems worth 10-30G each, 1 superior healing potion, 1 stone giant potion, elixir of health potions (amount not given), a Brooch of Shielding, a rotten belt,a playing card set, a 10 foot chain, a magical pouch of dust, a blue quartz gem, a green vial with a skull on it, a bottle of smoke, 1k+ Gold (amount not finalized) and 2 paintings (they’re now in Rayven’s room).

The team waited until the next day and met the challenge head on. The hero sensed this event was instigated by Myrkul, himself, to show his unholy power to the world. The hero was right.

At the start, the Jade Lord sensed a distinct lack of mental fortitude emanating from one of the team. Rayven immediately became a pawn of the Jade Lord, unwittingly shooting at his fellow Myrkulites. This was not enough to harm the hero.

The hero was observant. He noticed the Jade Lord was a slippery fellow. He possessed the ability to move vast distances and escape from perilous situations at will. Saying a quick prayer to Myrkul for wisdom, the hero made a decisive command… TIE HIM DOWN ROOFER.

Roofer and the hero knew what must be done. Using his powerful magic, the eldritch knight incapacitated the Jade Lord each turn… only to have his efforts cast away. Finally, on the third try, the Jade Lord did not cast off the magic. It was the hero’s turn to strike.

Like a hunter, the hero’s eyes never left the prey. Honed in, focused by the power of Myrkul, the hero leapt into action. The Jade Lord was a being that had existed for thousands of years. However, no experience could prepare him what he was about to experience

Crashing down, powered by dark energy, the hero’s hammer met its target with precision and fury. One strike. The Jade Lord was crushed against the ground with no sympathy. Unholy power flooded forth like a river of pain. Second Strike. Yet again, with equal fervor, the hammer met the tender body of the Jade Lord. Afterwards, the foe was half the being he once was…

The Jade Lord began evasive maneuvers. Roofer and Rayven hunted him down and finished him off as he danced around the map like a ballerina.

The Jade Lord knew he would feel pain for another thousand years after that shlacking. He gave his approval of the hero and his team. Also, recognizing the hero as a solid choice for breeding with his tribe to inject strength into their loins. They learned more of the history surrounding the tribe through conversation.

With the notes in hand, the team looted several items and a valuable painting.

They also decided to bring Magnus, the alchemist, to this place to study the magic and science of werebadgers.

Most importantly, the hero asked for a favor to be bestowed upon his ferocious side kick, Scwee. With a wave of green energy, Scwee was no longer a rat but a BADGER!!! Pretty damn cool.

Upon coming home, the hero perfectly proselytized the workers over a meal. While the building was being worked on… the hero knew he had to build the foundation of the church. Leo is now Neophyte Leo!

Session sixteen begins on the 13th of Solesh -

The latest order of remodel for the church are as follows :

Cover up cellar

Chapel Area added on first floor
One Latrine on second floor that is a death trap
add latrine on 1st floor
strong storage room on 1st floor
50 gold cost upfront until he can began work.
50 extra gold given by roofer to feed and hopefully finish out the work.
both given to Neophyte Leo.

While the party has been away,
Alfred has been visited on three occasions by the guards asking to get a word in with Lord Rayven in regards to them having some questions(to a murder that happened about a week ago).

Captain Magoro and his Lt Vanderay have been the ones asking.

they wish to take him in for questioning in regards to the slaughter in the daylight, by gunfire. Witnesses in the area state describe Rayven’s description and seeing as he is the only Souless within the merecenary groups they figured they’d rule him out first as other leads are coming up cold. They only want him to come to the station and subject himself to a truth spell and let him on his way.

The station is in the corner of the dregs, just a block away from the entrance to the outer cloister from the Dregs. Two story building, finely kept.

The party goes to the guard station and submits to questioning. The truth spell catches multiple lies from the party and after some back and forth interviewing, what was intended to be a quick and easy questioning turns out to be a damning case. Rayven is arrested and manacled at the end of the session as he admits to the murder.