Azeroth D&D Campaign Log - Myrkulverse

Session 36
17th Voidshroud
Party Gold: 300

Note Taking Order

  • Stakk
  • Takeshii
  • Kris
  • Rayven
  • Seek (Luddite)

The party arrives at Camp Taurejo and sets about meeting the various denizens of said camp. First off a report is rendered to General Ragetotem about the centaurs and anything we gleaned during our escape. The general suggests we talk to Archdruid Aseus about the pendant nighthour kept from the burning centaur. He confirms Ragnaros’s involvement in the centaur uprising, we are informed we can get a free night’s lodgings from innkeeper Oogubu. we interact with all the main characters in town and learn the following as far as quests go

Tatternack Steelforge = quest for rare metals in a cave that special weapons can be made from. In a cave south of Quillboar

General Ragetotem = Scouting quest of the forward bases at the Oasis’s

Jorn Skyseer = quest for lightning glands and leather from a rare beast

Mangletooth = quest to kill 2 named quilboar leaders that have wronged him. He wants their heads Snaggletooth and Raggletooth

Capt Emkath and brig general Delnora = quest to disrupt supply lines plant bombs 1500 gp payday per person and a goodie!

Katress the thief to rip off steamwheedle cartel caravan the party wisely declined this one!

Byula Bloodhoof (cousin to Cairne), Ak’jash, and Archdruid Garan - protect supplies caravan to and from Rachet

Akdu Brol offers weapons and armor for sale
Kuldir Sagewind = potions
note pendant sold for 300 gp

Session 37
18th Voidshroud
Party Gold: 300

Note Taking Order

  • Stakk
  • Takeshii
  • Kris
  • Rayven
  • Seek (Luddite)


Kris posts this notice in the Inn before we leave

Keep Katabases looking for the following:
Tanner: experience with skinning and meat processing encouraged
Seamstress: experience with weaving, sewing, and dyeing
Magical Crafter: experience making potions and magical items, plant cultivation encouraged

Keep to provide compensation, lodging, and materials for long term contracts

Seek gets more info about the ore quest. Finds out that several groups have gone on this quest and none have come back. Dangerous animals or monsters - Ore may be from a meteorite. Accepts quest.

It will take about a day to craft an item after we have the ore

We go to bed, then head out to the quest site

Our keep is now called Keep Katabases

We make it to the cave entrance and found two bodies with the tops of their heads ripped off and brains missing. Illithid/mind flayer suspected

Just inside of the cave entrance. Ray hears what sounds like a stone door opening inside that door, and we find a mindflayer. We kill it, find glowing ore, and mine it.

We continue through the cave killing mind flayers and mining ore.

Altogether we hit 3 ore nodes got 2 good quality ore samples and 1 mid quality

After we mine the 3rd ore node the floor caves in and we fall 20ft and land in a large open section of the cave with a ship in it.

5 (8d4+8) healing pots gathered

Rolls for the ores
Green 12
Purple 85
Blue 88

Session 38
19th Voidshroud
Party Gold: 300

Awaiting results of our job posted in the Keep Katabase.

We are fighting in a cave and fell through the cave and find a ship of some kind
we landed and scouted the area and 3 HUGE Centipede burst out and attack us.
the party is able to kill 1 but Rayvan is getting bent over by the centipede.
we got 1 pristine skin of 1 centipede and 1 garbage one
also 1000 gold pieces & Two chest inside with the gold 1 smaller and 1 3ft long by 1ft
Takeshima caught ray attempting to steal the small box.
Found 1 magic item found insects mandable. Which went to take.
The guilded scoundrel Takeshima could barely find what he thinks is the name.
We climb out of the cave and head back to camp T to discuss our finding of loot and ore
Two piles are exceptional(blue and purple) and 1 is okay ore quality(green)
Ray gets the Green, Seek gets the purple, Stakk gets blue
he starts working on the task
Jorn Skyseer pulls out a nice simple well cared for dagger and gives it to Ray when dagger is used does grant 1d4 to skinning 1 time per encounter.
We ask for his services to turn out skins into something usable. The pristine leather is going to be made for armor for Stakk.
The subpar skin would be turned into an accessory.
It will take about a day and 100g per thing crafted.

Ending Party Gold: 1100

Session 39
24th Voidshroud
Party Gold: 1100

Note Taking Order:
Seek (Luddite)

The party awakes at Camp Taurejo, Seek inquires for magical and special items in the camp with no results.

Note for oncoming expedition camping supplies are required for the expedition. The party purchases 7 days worth of camping supplies.

The party exits the camp around 7am heading to the Southern Barrens in persist of the lightning lizard or wind serpent. In pursuit of the quest for lightning glands and leather from a rare beast, from Jorn Skyseer.

Seek and Rayven work in tandem to begin tracking the creature.

The party observes many creatures from lions and hyenas to game animals and small birds. Rayven asks all individuals the party meets if they have heard of or have seen the beast, but the road appears to be mostly deserted.

At 3 hrs South of Camp Taurego. (10am), the party starts to head South East.

As the wind serpent is expected to be an apex predator of the area and the party expects that the Quillboar would not be better informed on the location of the creature.

The group heads SouthEast for ~7 hrs, Seek and Rayven find molted scales that are significantly larger that most creatures of the area and a trail of disturbed vegetation leading to the SouthEast.

As it’s growing dark the group marches on for about 5 more hours (10pm) finding for a good camping spot. The beast is expected to be more diurnal.
Accompanied by the distant howls of the local hyenas, the party camps for a long rest of 8 hours. The group wakes up at 6am, with the sun, with no disturbances through the night. (6 camping supplies)

Stakk studies the map of the Southern Barrens looking at the path of the Wind Serpent. The group moves onward, though the party does manages to find a marsh losing a camp supplies. (5 remaining)

Around 1pm the heat of day has increased dramatically, increasing the levels of exhaustion for the group unexpectedly. (3pm) The party travels for another 4 hrs (9pm) and makes camp. The evening passes and the party wakes up at 5am just as the rays of dawn are starting to gleam over the horizon. (4 camp supplies remaining). Around 7am the party approaches a ravine with Take’s support, Seek spans the dramatically large ravine with a grappling hook and rope. The group scrambles and claws their way across the ravine saving several hours but exhausting themselves in the process.(9am) The group see tracks of Quillboar interesting those of the wind serpent. They also see a Quillboar camp. Slightly before 10:15 based on the alertness of the camp, the party uses the next 5 hours to avoid the camp and find the remaining g trail. Leading to a habited tipi with smoke coming out on the mountain. An undead female tends the camp fire with herbs. An undead forager of Camp Taurejo, Nova Flatseeker, informed the group that a large red wind serpent “washte pawne” by the locals. She marks the group’s map with a general area (very southeast, but about a day from the groups current location) where the beast is expected to make it’s home. She also mentions herb that grown near the creatures nests that she would be interested in acquire, the zepher blossom.
These blooms tend to grown a effervescent blue on exposure to magic.

(3:15 pm) The group progresses at a hard push until 10pm when they camp for the evening. On waking to the overcast morning the party notices the storm above the camp has a strong magic aura. Strongest in the distance in the direction of the serpent, speeding the travel of the group. The rain begins increasing to a heavy thunderstorm as the next few hours pass.
A few hours outside the nesting areas indicated by Nova Flatseeker the magical storm flows over the group. The serpent does not appear to notice the approach of the party, but the party notices signs that the beast is nearby.

Around noon, as the party continues to slog through the magical storm through the jungle. Rayven manages to poison himself with red mushrooms, being unable to speak for a blessed 10 minutes, adding a flourish to the party’s attempted stealth. The rain carries on with the sounds of high winds in the west. The party stumbles across the Washte Pawne as the rain continues to pour down.

The game comes to a pause with the group having 400 gold and 4 days camping supplies.

The game comes to a pause with the group having 400 gold and 3 days camping supplies.

Session 40

27th Voidshroud

Party Gold: 500G: 3 Camp supplies left

Note Taking Order:

Seek (Luddite)





Campaign Session: Battle Against the Washte Pawn

Scene: Mid-Battle Chaos

Setting: A stormy wasteland, dark clouds swirling ominously above. The ground is littered with charred remains and scorch marks, the air crackling with residual energy from previous lightning strikes.


  • Rayven the Barbarian: A fierce warrior, muscles rippling as they swing their massive axe with deadly precision.
  • Seek the Death Knight: A formidable presence, clad in dark armor, their blade glowing with necrotic energy.
  • Stakk the Warlock: A mysterious figure, weaving spells that shimmer with dark energy, their eyes glowing with eldritch power.
  • Kris the Sorcerer: A dynamic spellcaster, hands ablaze as they hurl fireballs with relentless fury.
  • Takei the Doom Bringer Cleric: A somber healer, radiating a dark aura, their staff both a source of life and death.

Encounter: The Washte Pawn

Creature: The Washte Pawn is a monstrous entity, towering over the adventurers with a body crackling with arcane energy. Its form is a blend of organic and metallic elements, pulsating with an inner light.


  • Lightning Blast: The Washte Pawn releases a massive blast of lightning, targeting multiple members of the party. This attack barely misses Rayven and Kris but inflicts heavy damage on others.
  • Random Lightning Strikes: Throughout the battle, the Washte Pawn sporadically throws lightning bolts, creating an unpredictable and chaotic environment.
  • Physical Attacks: It lashes out with sharp appendages, slicing through armor and flesh alike.

Battle Description:

The session begins mid-battle, the adventurers engaged in a fierce struggle against the Washte Pawn.

Rayven and Seek are at the forefront, their blades cutting through the creature’s tough exterior. Each strike sends sparks flying, the air thick with the scent of ozone and burnt flesh.

Stakk stands back, hands weaving intricate patterns as they summon devastating spells. Bolts of dark energy streak through the air, colliding with the Washte Pawn and leaving charred marks on its body.

Kris moves with agility, their hands glowing as they conjure fireballs. With a flick of their wrist, these fiery projectiles soar towards the creature, exploding on impact and adding to the chaos of the battlefield.

Takei remains focused, channeling their divine power to both heal their comrades and unleash necrotic energy upon the enemy. Their dual role is crucial, keeping the party alive while weakening the Washte Pawn.

The Washte Pawn retaliates with a massive lightning blast, striking most of the group. The intense energy courses through their bodies, causing searing pain and momentarily blinding them. Rayven and Kris manage to evade the worst of it, their quick reflexes saving them from severe harm.

As the battle rages on, the Washte Pawn continues to throw lightning bolts at random, creating an unpredictable and hazardous environment. The adventurers dodge and weave, doing their best to avoid the deadly strikes.

After several intense rounds of combat, the combined efforts of the party finally bring the Washte Pawn down. Its body collapses with a thunderous crash, the arcane energy dissipating into the air.


Exhausted but victorious, the adventurers attempt to skin the fallen Washte Pawn. However, their efforts are clumsy and unsuccessful, leaving them with little more than a few scraps of its hide.

DM Note: The poor skinning job may lead to future opportunities for the party to learn from their mistakes, perhaps seeking out a master skinner or magical assistance to properly harvest materials from such powerful creatures in the future.


The session ends with the party regrouping, tending to their wounds, and reflecting on the fierce battle they just endured. The storm begins to clear, revealing a glimpse of sunlight breaking through the clouds, a symbol of their hard-won victory and the challenges that lie ahead.

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