/wave Zorgog - back from the undead

Hi all! Zorgog (Zorg) here. I was knighted in Shadowbane and played a bit in WoW and some other games. Then life sort of became a whirlwind and it’s probably been close to 15 years since gaming with an any of y’all.

I started playing the latest version of Shadowbane Reforged and it has me thinking of the good ‘ol days. Hope y’all are doing well and collecting many souls!


Welcome back Knight Zorgog. Glad you found your way back!

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Hello zorg lobg time no see. Good to see you man


dude you still in SCV? texas? where??!!??

love you long time


Zorgog love boobies!

Hail old mino barb!

Greetings Zorgog, long time no see!

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Good to seeya Zorg! Been a long time indeed. Vaniah and myself only crawled out of our crypts recently as well.

Hey Zorg!

Would love to hear about those stories. Are you in discord?