Updates from The Darkening - To Lord Spawl

Lord Spawl I hope this missive finds you well,

As per you request, sending an update as to the quest the Lord of Bones has tasked your squire with. The journey to Skullport uneventful.

I arrived in Skullport and felt our Lords instruction to visit a place of worship where others who received the call had gathered. The Knights assembled by the Lord of Bones are an impressive and terrifying lot. We all arrived simultaneously, at the place of Myrkul’s choosing and my first thoughts were of course to what enemy lay within. I feel a bit out of place as a Squire, but seeing that the Squire to Lord Casimir, EvilGhandi, was also called has lessened my trepidation somewhat.

I suspect only in the Port of Shadows could the group that was assembled walk freely in search of information. In any other city, the people might rise up and try to lay waste to us all.

Our initial effort was only marginally fruitful, chasing down the ‘Wicked Wench’ was not difficult for us but uncovering useful details about the captain and the ship’s crew eluded us at every turn. Finally, we stumbled upon a possible path tied to a music venue and a performing band. I know of your ongoing battle of pranks with Lord Srathor, I may have stumbled upon on opportunity for you. Next major event he tosses you should book the opening act Two Dwarfs who Bang on Rocks as a gift for him. They were so bad I felt that a high-level mage had cast a cruel spell upon the entire club as a form of punishment. Fortunately, the headline act was what we needed.

Not everything is difficult, but not everything is easy either. You say this to me a lot, and I swear I heard your voice as the trouble started. Out of nowhere a squad of trouble appeared. Intermixed between gutter trash and fodder was a cleric of Kelemvor and unknown woman of great power. At that moment I could see the blend of difficulty and ease. I won’t bore you with too much detail, but I can honestly report I did not embarrass your name or the training I have received. Out of the ten dead, I reaped three in your and the Lord of Bone’s name. Killing that smug cleric of Kelemvor has added a spring to my step. Lord Xulkal claimed two dead with his fearsome cleaves and Lord Sinsear’s spellcasting was on point The most surprising event was the appearance of Elder Doom, his counter spell saved the Knights from a high-level spell that targeted undead of a format I could not fathom, and he killed the two remaining adversaries as mindlessly as I would swat a fly. Under your tutelage I have worked tirelessly at my Divination skills, and they served the party well. Next time you see Lord Nerion and Lord Ike Hyran you have them buy you a round each for the critical strikes that were avoided in this last battle.

We will uncover our next efforts soon and will try and send word again.

Your servant Anhrez

I added this small addition my lord, after speaking with a servant at the church I was sent to Nightshades Apothecary. The hand signal you showed me was acknowledged and the undead master of the shop assured me he would route my letter through the Undead Lords message channels. I am unsure of where we will be off to next but will try and communicate again soon.