The Knighting of Lords Isimode and Twooligan

Come join us on September 25, 2022 at 8pm CST to welcome 2 new knights to our ranks. It has been decided that 2 Squires, Isimode and Twooligan, have earned their right to be called Knights of the Undead Lords. They have finished their journey as squires, completed the tasks set before them by their mentors, and provided proof they are ready to become our brothers.

The knighting will be held in Crowfall on Srathor’s Lawn. Details are provided below for those that wish to attend. The Knighting Ceremony will be performed by Lord Nerion.

You may create a free account or ask for one of the guild accounts. The guild accounts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Lord Srathor or Lord Nerion.

If you can’t join us in game, the event will be streamed on our Discord (link below).

Blood and Souls!
If you don’t have Crowfall Installed, download it from Crowfall - Throne War PC MMO by Monumental, LLC and install it. You can set up a free account if you like. Hopefully most have one already. Enter then World Select


You will need to look for Srathor’s Lawn. Just put Sra into the search window and hit enter. Once on the lawn, head south to the large statue and the Castle in the Caldera. We should be around there.

Castle is off in the distance. Bridge at the base of the statue.


UDL Discord link