The Knighting of Lords Butcherer and Whosdadisthis

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Two squires are ready to knight
Come dressed as though ready to fight
On the 24th of June
At 8 of the Moon
They’ll both start breathing quite light

In the Realms where Mortals are Slain
Not once but again and again
We’re holding a fête
To pay off the debts Of Struggle, Honor, and Pain

Under Myrkul’s Deathly Eclipse
We’ll accept WhosDadIsThis
And Butcherer too
For all that they do
And never taking the piss.

Knighting 6/24/23 in MO2 for @[UDL] (S) Whosdadisthis and @[UDL] (S) Butcher CorpseTwister at 8 PM Cst. There wil be beheadings and cake. PM @[UDL] Nerion if you wish to borrow an account to make it live (as we have some to share), in the digital flesh, or come watch in the discord as it will be streamed, too. Praise Myrkul. Blood and Souls!!