[The Darkening] The Return of the Knights

The Undead Lords Present

The Darkening

Across Faerun, the deep and rumbling bell rang in the minds of Myrkul’s most faithful followers. For nearly 150 years, Myrkuls defeat had left the Knights of the Undead Lords without a deity worthy of their faith and dedication. To them the words “What is dead may never die”, were a mantra they clung to bitterly. As it is with those of faith, frequently that faith would be tested. The Knights used their unbending will to survive without the gifts of Myrkul’s priesthood.

Having been cut off from clerical magic, the Knights turned to arcane magic to investigate and piece together what had happened. They learned of Myrkuls destruction by Midnight, in the city of Waterdeep. Over time, many of the Knights travelled there to discover and learn more. During their investigation they found no truths, just rumors and heresies spread by the followers of other lesser gods. In time, the Knights spread out across Faerun, eager to find out what had happened and to see if anything could be done to aid in Myrkuls return.

When the deep tone of the haunting bell rang across the metaverse, those Knights who heard it knew that Myrkul had indeed returned. They had pieced together what had happened to him, who had struck him down, and their vengeance on Mystra’s (Midnight) followers had been brutal. Yet, their reprisals had come at a cost; the Knights were spread in all directions hunting those within their reach. The divine signal from Myrkul worked to drive the Knights who heard it towards a specific destination.

Some Knights were farther out than others, but after weeks of travel, a large group of the Knights of the Undead Lords coalesced in the subterranean city of Skullport. Deep beneath the very tower where Myrkul had been struck down 150 years ago, his most faithful arrived, simultaneously.

As the group of eight approached the nondescript stone building, each travelling separately and from different directions, two events happened quickly. The first was a sudden end to the divine bell tone each had heard driving them to this destination. The second was the emergence of a figure, clad in full ceremonial regalia, unmistakably a priest of Myrkul.

The group looked to one another, some not having seen each other for decades. They introduced themselves, some not having met before; Lord Ike, Lord Gannonthorpe, Lord Xukal, Lord Rohanon, Lord Nerion, and Lord Sinsear. At the edge of the group stood the two very nervous individuals Squire Anhrez and Squire EvilGhandi. The notion that these Squires might be travelling without their mentor Knight was at the forefront of discussion. Nerion interjected, quite clearly pointing out that Myrkul’s divine will had brought them all here at this time.

For the time, the Squires would assist the assembled Knights as a group.

After coming down from the shock of collectively arriving in Skullport simultaneously and with only Myrkul to explain the timing, the Knights looked to the waiting priest on the steps of the building in front of them. Seeing as how their chattering had ceased, the Priest extended a hand and in it was a scroll. One of the Knights took the scroll and read it aloud.

“Find the captain of the Wicked Wench, bring him to me.” It was signed, “the Elder Doom, Deathwish.”

The group quickly reminded one another that an Elder Doom was a rarity even before Myrkul’s first destruction one hundred and fifty years past. Collectively, the Elder Dooms met once or twice a year, a group dubbed the Council of Doom to discuss all things divine and Myrkul. For one to be present here, now, made the divinely inspired journey all the more impressive to each of them. For the Elder Doom to be Deathwish… What is dead may never die.

The party taken back for a moment, finished taking in the message and watched collectively as it disintegrated before them. Before they could ask the priest in front of them a question, he had turned and entered the building they stood before. Thinking answers lay within, the party tried to enter the building only to find it magically sealed. A more thorough investigation found the building to be impressively warded as if its inhabitants were protecting something of vital importance.

With no more answers coming from the building, the party set out to learn more about Skullport and to begin their search for the Wicked Wench and its captain.

The Docks

Several hours later, the group found themselves at an Inn to allow their mortal Squires time to sleep and for the Knights to regain their strength after a lengthy journey. By late morning, they had emerged rested and begun the search in earnest. To the harbor they travelled, and ultimately the party split in two. The first to the harbormaster and the second to the docks to locate the ship itself. Neither option proved very fruitful, except for two recently hired dockworkers guarding the empty Wicked Wench. These two knew that the captain was a drow who playing this very evening at Club Abyss; a new entry into the Skullport nightlife scene.

The group set off to investigate the club, hoping to find the captain before their upcoming session. Upon arrival, the lines to enter had already started. This act was legendary apparently; at least in the Underdark. Both entrances to the club were scouted, but the guests of honor had yet to arrive. The party decided to wait, keeping a close eye on the people arriving. Eventually the doors opened, and the crowds were let in.

Club Abyss

Club Abyss was an enormous establishment; capable of fitting several hundred people in it (albeit only if the VIP lounge allowed in the masses). The club itself was an open book, with a large congregation area directly in front of the stage. The floor appeared to have similar properties to the building the Priests of Myrkul were operating out of, but the group failed to make the connection or how it was possible.

As show time began, the first opening act walked onto stage; “Two Dwarves In A Cave Banging On Rocks” was a literal title. The act was booed off the stage a few minutes into the show. This caused a lengthy delay before the main act arrived. The group spread out throughout the club to better take in all the possible angles.

Flanked on all sides by bouncers, Throne Slayer finally approached through the packed audience. Two drow, one male and one female, both beautiful, were accompanied by a heavily pierced and tattooed male duergar (dwarf) and a large burly male orc. Dressed in gothic metal costumes, the effect was both entertaining and on brand. These were purportedly the core of the Throne Slayer entourage, but a small well-garbed goblin male had followed them through the crowd.

Almost immediately the band began casting spells to create a light and auditory experience that few would ever forget. The sound was pure metal anarchy; amplified with magic, created an almost deafening cacophony that the audience went wild for. Almost an hour into the set, the audience was still unable to get their fill of the performance.

Stationed around the club, the party noticed several individuals wearing hooded cloaks entering through the main entrance. These individuals didn’t immediately seem hostile, merely trying to avoid detection.

The party was suddenly engaged when a mysterious woman summoned a pillar of paralyzing magic at the main stage. The entire band, portions of the audience, and Lord Gannonthorpe were caught and frozen in the field. The audience, suddenly pitched into virtual silence, reacted poorly and panicked towards the main exit.

As the crowd had not yet made much progress in exiting, the first few rounds of combat were spent moving into position and avoiding detection from the more than dozen enemies that had appeared. Seemingly targeting the band, the party wasn’t even on this groups radar until Nerion acted. Nerion casting a spell to penalize the enemies closest to him, set off a series of events culminating in the cleaving in half of not one but two enemies by Lord Xulkal in the midst of his Barbarian rage. Attack magic was exchanged in both directions creating a frenzied combat. Yet, ultimately, the party was clearly the superior force until only the mysterious woman, her knight and a remaining archer stood.


At that moment, Elder Doom Deathwish appeared and caused the mysterious woman to teleport out of harms way in the presence of such a mighty foe. She left her two partners to their fates. Something Elder Doom Deathwish was eager to satiate their curiosity of. With an outstretch hand, Deathwish curled the enemy knight into an unnatural ball and squeezed. Blood rocketed out of the Hand of Myrkul in all directions; spraying an unholy gore on the Club’s walls and floor. Deathwish flung his hand against the remaining archer, who had quite suddenly started pissing himself, sending him flying sixty feet against an opposing wall, killing him instantly.

The Elder Doom made gestures introducing the party to the now free members of Throne Slayer. Each took a moment to thank the party members. The high priest of Myrkul commanded that they prepare for a journey and to meet him back at the temple.

The party asked a few questions of the Wicked Wench’s captain, but realized they were as in the dark as the group. Deciding the high priest probably had better answers, they set off immediately to the temple.