[ The Awakening ] Stages of Ascension

To arrive on Arrakis complete, one must be intimately familiar with each stage of Ascension. Navigating the complexities of the universe takes well honed skills and understanding. One must not only embrace the past but also have a vision for the future.

Many have made the journey before you, and are able to shed light on the steps they have taken to arrive. Each realm presents it’s own challenges and restrictions. The well attuned traveler is able to regain their footing and not succumb to the Amnesia that takes it’s toll on the mind. Remember who you are dear Ones, and share your journey with the others. We are all the same, just expressing it differently.

First Stage: The Darkness and The Underworld

Second Stage Ascendants: The Bonding

Third Stage Ascendants: The Vision

The Gifts: Bestowed upon any traveler Myrkul and Mystra deem worthy.

Forth Stage Ascendants: The Arrival as One

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Fifth Stage Ascendants - The Neurodivergents

Sixth Stage Ascendants - Masters of the Elements

The Legacy Knights are Crowned

Seventh Stage Ascendants - Masters of the Tongue

Eighth Stage Ascendants - The Grand Masters