Squire Strife's Stories

Prologue: The Ascension of Squire Strife

In the shadowed embrace of the Undead Lords’ sanctum, where the air is thick with the essence of ancient rites and the chill of the grave, I, Squire Strife, stand at the dawn of my destiny. The corridors, lit by the eerie luminescence of soulfire torches, stretch before me like the pages of an unwritten tome, each shadow a story waiting to be told under the watchful eyes of Myrkul, the Lord of Bones. My likeness changed upon each venture into the myriad of worlds under siege in our great Lords name.

Beginnings in Crowfall

My tale begins in the tumultuous realm of Crowfall, a land besieged by chaos and the insatiable hunger for dominion. There, amidst the ruin and the roar of endless battle, fate entwined my path with that of Butcherer. Together, we navigated the tempest of war, brothers in arms bound by a shared resolve. Our united front—Butcherer with his relentless drive for conquest and I, with a mind attuned to the subtler arts of healing—earned us recognition and a place among the esteemed ranks of the Undead Lords.

“Strife, your bond with Butcherer and your valor in the face of disorder have marked you,” Lord Chroma remarked, his voice a guide through the darkness. "The crucible of Crowfall has tempered your spirit, readying you for the journey that lies ahead. Join me in supporting our front lines.”

Trials in New World

With the dawn of New World, a new chapter of our saga unfolded—a testament to endurance and discovery. “Beneath the ancient boughs and forgotten ruins, I confronted the abyss,” I remember, each word an echo of past trials. As we delved into the heart of darkness and stood united against the tide of siege and conquest, our paths began to diverge. Butcherer, ever the warrior, plunged deeper into the fray, while I carved a niche in the shadows, mastering the arts of logistics and support, the unseen hand guiding our victories.

“Within the mysteries of New World, you unearthed your calling, Strife,” Lord Nix observed, acknowledging the pivotal role I had come to play. "Your dedication to the unseen paths of war can be shaped to our successes in the future. It is crucial you find a new portal to continue your progress within our order. Do not force a convergence, find one that has potential for growth and can obtain your full engagement. This is what you must do if you wish to advance on your path to knighthood. “

Interlude in Diablo 4

The realm of Diablo 4 was a detour on my journey, a world brimming with darkness yet fleeting in the grand tapestry of the Undead Lords’ conquests. Though the lands of Sanctuary offered limited opportunities for the guild’s expansion, it was here that I honed my skills further, leading multiple events to foster engagement within our ranks. I embraced the essence of the wild as a Druid, mastering the forces of nature to bend to my will, and delved into the forbidden arts as a Necromancer, commanding the dead to rise and fight alongside me. Yet, as swiftly as this chapter began, it closed, the content and conquests within Diablo 4 proving to be but a whisper in the winds of our greater ambitions.

A New Calling in Azeroth

Then came the call of Azeroth, under the banner of Lord Shadow, a land of ancient secrets and endless conflict. Under the aegis of Lord Takeshima, I stepped into a new squire role, each step a foray into unknown lands ripe with challenges anew. “Azeroth offers trials of a different mettle,” Lord Takeshima proclaimed, setting the stage for my greatest test. “Here, your mettle will be tried, and your true worth as a squire to the Undead Lords will be proven.”

As Butcherer was summoned to the battlefields of “Mortal Online 2,” ascending to knighthood through his indomitable spirit and valor, our paths diverged. Though separated by worlds, the bond forged in the crucible of Crowfall remains a beacon, inspiring me to strive for the greatness that lies within my grasp.

The Saga Unfolds

Now, as I traverse the mystical landscapes of Azeroth, my journey continues—not merely a quest for knighthood but a pilgrimage in search of purpose within the endless cycle of death and rebirth. Guided by Lord Takeshima’s wisdom and fueled by the enduring legacy of my bond with brothers and sisters, I stand ready to inscribe my legacy into the eternal annals of the Undead Lords.

This prologue heralds the beginning of my odyssey, a tale woven from the chaos of Crowfall, through the trials of New World, and into the heart of Azeroth. Here, in the service of the Undead Lords and under the omnipotent gaze of Myrkul, unfolds my story—a narrative steeped in war, bound by brotherhood, and driven by an unyielding quest for ascension.

“In the shadow of Myrkul, I seek not merely to serve but to transcend if worthy. To rise as a knight of the Undead Lords. In life, in death, and beyond, I am Strife, and this is my saga.”

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" With a regal nod, Lady Salina addressed them, her gaze unwavering. “My noble Squires, I require your aid in a matter of utmost importance. Lord Srathor, ruler of a distant realm, holds within his castle two divine cats, Myrkul and Mystra. These creatures possess knowledge beyond our comprehension, and their safety is paramount.”

The Squires exchanged glances, understanding the gravity of the situation. The divine cats were not mere pets; they were guardians of wisdom and prophecy, their presence crucial to maintaining the balance of power in the realm.

“Your task,” Lady Salina continued, “is to act as our eyes and ears beyond the borders of Arrakis. Scout the desert, and any realm where their tracks may lay. Relay in the thread of your own creation, any signs of movement or sightings that may indicate Lord Srathor’s intentions regarding the cats. Your vigilance will be our shield against any threat.”

In the aftermath of Lady Salina’s directive, Squire Strife felt the weight of responsibility settle upon his shoulders like a mantle of shadows. The divine cats, embodiments of wisdom and foresight, held the keys to realms untold and secrets unwoven. With the knowledge that Lord Srathor did not harbor te cats, the quest took on a new urgency. The realms of Azeroth, both in its antique, bygone era and its tumultuous present, beckoned as the next chapters in this unfolding saga.

In World of Warcraft Classic, Strife’s allegiance to the Horde shaped his journey uniquely. The ruins of Dalaran, once a pinnacle of arcane prowess now lay broken, a testament to the destructive capabilities of magic unrestrained. Yet, for Strife, these ruins were not merely a reminder of conflict; they were a rich source of forgotten lore and untapped magical energies. As a Mage, he felt the pull of these energies, weaving them into spells that could pierce the veil between realities, seeking whispers of the divine cats amidst the arcane echoes.

Exploration was not limited to the ruins of Dalaran. Strife traversed the vast, untamed landscapes of Horde territories, from the rugged, volcanic terrain of the Searing Gorge to the mystical, wind-swept plains of Mulgore. Each location held its secrets, its connection to the magic that suffused the world of Azeroth. The spirits of the Earth in Mulgore spoke in riddles of the natural balance, hinting at the delicate harmony in which the divine cats, Myrkul and Mystra, existed.

Yet, despite his diligent search and the mastery of arcane magics, the clues to the whereabouts of the divine cats remained as elusive as shadows at dusk. The ruins of Dalaran and the wilds of Horde territories yielded no definitive answers, only deepening the mystery and fueling Strife’s resolve.

Shifting through the either into the era of World of Warcraft retail, Squire Strife, now donned in the mantle of a Demon Hunter, wielded new powers that offered unprecedented avenues for his search. Among these abilities, Spectral Sight allowed him to perceive the world in ways no ordinary being could, unveiling the hidden and the invisible, the arcane signatures left by beings of power, possibly including the elusive divine cats, Myrkul and Mystra.

Utilizing Spectral Sight, Strife scoured the deepest runes etched into the ancient, forgotten dungeons that lay buried beneath the bustling life of Azeroth. He climbed to the very peaks of the world’s tallest mountains, where the air was thin, and the presence of magic lingered like a tangible mist. His journey extended beyond the familiar borders of Azeroth, into the chaotic realms of the Twisting Nether and the shadowed corners of the Shadowlands, where the boundaries between worlds grew thin, and the secrets of the universe whispered to those daring enough to listen.

Yet, despite the breadth of his search and the depth of his dedication, the divine cats remained beyond his grasp. Each rune investigated and every peak surveyed seemed to lead only to more questions, the spectral trails dissipating before they could reveal their secrets. Strife’s frustration mounted; for all his newfound power and the insights granted by his demon-enhanced sight, the quest appeared no closer to completion.

In a moment of quiet reflection amidst the alien landscapes of Argus, under the shadow of its shattered sky, Strife allowed himself to acknowledge the weight of his failure. The quest for Myrkul and Mystra, though it had taken him across worlds and through the veil of reality itself, seemed to be at an impasse.

But it was in this crucible of disappointment that the resolve of a Demon Hunter was forged. Strife knew that surrender was not in his nature, nor in the teachings of the Undead Lords. He sought a single thread, a mere wisp of a clue that might unravel the tapestry of mystery surrounding the divine cats. With a renewed sense of purpose, he focused on gathering even the smallest piece of evidence, a word, a sign, anything that could lead him to his next step in the quest. The search was far from over, and Strife’s report to the revered Lady Salina would not be one of defeat but of determination to continue, to delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos in pursuit of his elusive quarry.

Until fate decrees our next convergence,

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