Remembering Lord Primer

Kin and mortal friends,

Earlier this week, we were informed of the unfortunate and sudden passing of one of our Ancient brothers, Lord Primer. This is a difficult time for his family, friends, and fellow Knights who knew him well. Please take a moment to share good stories and happy memories in this thread.

Additionally, in the spirit of the UDL community we are pooling together a donation to put forward to help ensure his children can have a bright future. If you wish to participate, please donate to our Vault with a note referencing that it is for Lord Primer, we will ensure all funds make it to the appropriate destination.

Blood & Souls for Myrkul, and all hail the Legendary Lord Primer!

This is heartbreaking. Primer was the first person I met on Siege Perilous. When I first came alone from Baja I met him in the first few days on his character Loratab. We both joined Minax and basically just us fought off BiH guild to take control of moonglow. I went back to baja for awhile but when I returned to Siege he had joined UDL. That was a major factor in my decision to join as well. I met my wife and mother of my child because of UDL, so you could say I owe Primer for the two biggest things in my life as well. Will always be grateful brother.