New World Faction: Server Transfer to Yggdrasil on 10.31.21

Attention UDL New Worlders,

Myrkul, The Lord of Bones, sensed that the fear of death had dwindled in Aeternum and sent his unholy Knights to reap souls and spread his terror. Thus the conversion of Kshira Sagara began. Now that the realm has become a barren wasteland, the Undead Lords seek the heart blood of new mortals. Henceforth, the Undead Lords shall travel to what will become the charnel pit of Yggdrasil .

With server transfers finally available, the New World IC has announced that the Undead Lords will be transferring to a new server in New World effective Sunday 4 am PST, October 31st, 2021.

NEW SERVER: Yggdrasil (US West Region)

It is VITAL that EVERYONE transfers ON Sunday; not before and not after. This will ensure that the server doesn’t “lock” at the end of the day and prevent us from unifying on our new home server. If you are unable to be online to transfer Sunday morning, you may wish to consider asking a trusted guildmate or friend to help you.

Transfers should be performed no earlier than 4 am PST Sunday, October 31st. It is vital that you complete this transfer on Sunday to avoid being locked out of the server. If you need assistance in logging in to complete this, please reach out to the IC for accommodations.

To be eligible for transfer in New World, you’ll be required to perform the following steps prior:

1.) Leave the company on Kshira Sagara

2.) Cancel all trade orders

We are very excited as all Knights, Squires, and Recruits that have been stranded on other servers will finally be able to come together on the same server! Expect frequent updates in the #nw-announcements channel in UDL Discord.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out New World, there’s still plenty of time to get involved. You can check out New World Editions | New World for how to buy a New World game pack.

Blood and Souls!