Mortal Online 2 Faction Announcement

Myrkul is pleased that Undead Lords continue to exert his influence in Mortal Online II. We have a good number of Knights that have taken up the call and are currently playing as Undead Lords.

This game has a lot of similarities to Ultima Online. It is a full-loot PvP centric game where you are not held by the hand as in many other games. You don’t get a map icon to tell you where you are. You don’t get dungeon maps. You don’t get quests. It is ruthless, and we are having fun in this game.

Should you be interested, please jump in discord and talk the Kin in the game. Ask your questions because you will certainly have many but most importantly, come for the fun occurring daily. Those that have had experience in Mortal Online 1 or have played in the beta, we could use some of your experience and encourage you to join the rest of us.

Mortal Online 2 can be purchased from Steam. Mortal Online 2 on Steam

Praise Myrkul!