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start 17 th voidshroud
The party arrives at camp Taurejo and sets about meeting the various denizens of said camp . First off a report is rendered to General Ragetotem about the centaurs and anything we gleaned during our escape . The general suggest we talk to archdruid Aseus about the pendant nighthour kept from the burning centaur . He confirms Ragnaros’s involvement in the centaur uprising , we are informed we can get a free nights lodgings from inkeeper Oogubu . we interact with all the main characters in town and learn the following as far as quests go
Tatternack Steelforge = quest for rare metals in a cave that special weapons can be made from . In cave south of Quillboar
General Ragetotem = Scouting quest
Jorn Skyseer = quest for lightning glands and leather from a rare beast
Mangletooth = quest to kill 2 named quillboar leaders that have wronged him. He wants their heads Snaggletooth and Raggletooth
Capt Emkath and brig general Delnora = quest to disrupt supplylines plant bombs 1500 gp payday and a goodie !
Katress the thief= rip off steamwheedle cartel caravan the party wisely declined thus one!

Akdu Brol offers weapons and armor for sale
Kuldir Sagewind = potions
note pendant sold for 300 gp

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