Event Announcement: Saturday, October 30th


Greetings from the UDL Council of the Dead!

Saturday, October 30th, at 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST we will be capping off the Jubilee of the Undead 2021 with the UDL version of Hide and Seek in New World!

We will also be conducting a guild-wide moment of silence for the Knights who transcended to Legendary Ancients within the past year before the event. Even if you don’t play New World, we hope you’ll join us in Discord to honor them.

To enter the competition merely requires a donation of Gold (all proceeds will be given to the guild). You will find three UDL quest givers in the world of Aeternum. Be among the first three to complete the quest and cross the finish line to receive a special UDL treat! Should you have any questions, please contact Clemmie.

Available Treats:
• 1st Place: $75 Steam Cash, New World T-shirt, and Jubilee of the Undead t-shirt
• 2nd Place: $50 Steam Cash and Jubilee of the Undead t-shirt
• 3rd Place: $25 Steam Cash and Jubilee of the Undead t-shirt

Hide and Seek Rules

  • Minimum 500 Gold entry fee (you may donate more)
  • Donation may be traded to Clemmie in Everfall the day of the event
  • All players tagged to UDL or UDL Crypt are eligible to win (even if you won earlier in the week)
  • Player must visit all three quest locations (in any order)
  • Player must not depart from the quest locations without receiving the quest phrase and being recorded as having visited that location by the quest giver
  • Player must be PVP flagged the entire course
  • Players may cooperate with each other and opt to split the prize should they place in the top three

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

In Myrkul’s Service,

UDL Council of the Dead

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