Crowfall Faction Concludes

From the desk of Lord Nerion:

Servants of Myrkul, we have decided to de-escalate the faction in Crowfall.

What does that mean?

Crowfall will continue to have activity and PvP, but it will not be dictated by or actively shaped by an IC. If someone who will be actively playing has a desire to add more framework to the PvP or take the reins, we urge them to reach out to Nerion or the Dark Council.

How did we get here?

There has been considerable discussion about this decision. The question is always what is best for the guild. The most recent patch notes and then defensive words from the developers do not indicate any likelihood of necessary changes in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, Van Zant, our War Lord, has recently taken a new position (Congrats!) and will not be able to dedicate his full focus to gaming. There has been a considerable fall-off in interest around participating in activities in CF as a whole, which impacts the overall guild/alliance’s ability to make meaningful progress towards our goals.

Does this mean Crowfall is no longer a UDL title?

As the game develops we will reassess Crowfall for a renewed or focused push in the future. The glory of Crowfall design is the dying world system - every campaign brings an opportunity and we will reassess each campaign.

What comes next?

This is an opportunity to unify the guild in a faction. When UDL plays together we grow stronger. No game lasts forever, only Myrkul’s will. We must always be on the hunt for new worlds to plunder Blood and Souls for our lord. We would urge those of you who have not tried New World to give it a shot. As an official UDL Faction, many of your brothers and sisters are there reaping souls as we speak.

Crypt and Recruits

You have a foot in the door to join us in the New World faction. If you have not already joined, you should reach out directly to GateKeeper, Scree. If you seek a referral, message Nerion or any of the CF IC directly.

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