Application: Yasai

What game are you applying for?

What is your character name?

Why do you want to join UDL?
I am looking to join UDL because I would like a direction in the mmos I am willing to get into. I have been going pretty decent into upcoming mmos but have not found any to keep my focus so with joining a guild I would like to be kept engaged enough to tie me down to playing.

How did you find out about our guild?
I posted in a looking for guild topic and Ginko messaged me :smiley:

Describe your past MMO experiences
My first mmo was Everquest way back when, I bought the expansions for the game and downloaded it wrong so I could only progress so far but I came across a guild that understood my pain and was willing to help me as much as they could, sadly we went our separate ways once the subscription fees got a bit too much. Then I went into playing Maplestory to where I tried to grind as much as I could and joined a guild that surprisingly had some interesting connections to the first lv 200 in the game. Went on to Mabinogi and played that for a good while being a co-leader for a little in a guild but that wasn’t much because it was just a group of us that used to play around with the economy. GW2, FFXIV ARR & WoW for a little bit but wasn’t really part of guilds in those.

Do you have anything to prove you are an exceptional gamer?
Sadly none that I can think of.

Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?

What is your preferred play style?
PvP - Small Scale: true
PvP - Large Scale:
Crafting/Gathering: true
Questing/Raiding: true

Tell us a little about yourself.
I recently turned 30. I would like to think of myself as a pretty chill guy. I guess in recent years i’ve been going a little more to the casual side but still try my best to keep up with others. I like to help as much as I can and if given a role will dedicate a good amount trying to maintain.

Which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
I believe my strongest pillar is Respect. I have watched many a guildmate come and go and have been brought to lifelong friendships with them. Sadly my weakest would be Dedication, with a weird work schedule and social events I will try my hardest to be on as much as I can. I also am one to bounce between many games now and then but will keep busy in the one that is assigned to me.