Application: Whiteshadoh

What game are you applying for?
New World

What is your character name?

Why do you want to join UDL?
I’m tired of playing alone, I’m currently very passionate about NW but being stuck alone on another server is making me hate the game currently. It also has a old friend of mine within it from the old Albion days.

How did you find out about our guild?

Describe your past MMO experiences
Roughly 25 years of in the computer industry and side by side the gaming industry. I would describe myself as amateur competitive. I’ve dabbled in some competitions and participated only within guilds on Guild Wars and Albion.

Do you have anything to prove you are an exceptional gamer?
I don’t post things, I prefer to not draw attention onto myself.

Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?

What is your preferred play style?
PvP - Small Scale: true
PvP - Large Scale: true
Crafting/Gathering: true
Questing/Raiding: true

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a twenty-nine-year-old artist obsessed with gaming from time to time. I’m a philosopher, reader, thinker, introvert weirdo.
I don’t like drama, or elitism when we just leave other people out cause they can’t get it or it would take our own personal time to assist them. I dislike when someone even someone in power or leadership cannot admit a mistake or the willingness to be wrong. It’s extremely annoying when people just want to bullrush things a certain way even if it’s worked before instead of attempting something new simply because it may test their own beliefs.

Which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
Loyalty would be my weakest just cause you cannot prove it without the time and having it be tested; anyone can claim such a title but actions are the true measurement.
Dedication is easy for me, gaming and ADHD go hand in hand thankfully, but the obsession with learning and striving for more is what excites me.