Application: Tumorhead

What game are you applying for?
New World

What is your character name?
Tumor Head

Why do you want to join UDL?
I want to join UDL for a variety of reasons. First of all being my real life RawkUz has been a member for approximately 4 years. I play New World with him multiple times a week as well as other PC games.

Second I watched UDL while I leveled my character to 60 on Kshira. I was a member of Unseen Legion at the time and participated in many of their wars. The wars included members from UDL who seemed to come to the wars/Unseen Legion discord with both knowledge and personality. The UDL members I have observed at these wars were great representatives and made me feel like it was an actual community.

My final reason for wanting to join UDL is because I play PC games. I have been an avid PC gamer my entire life and the idea of always having a group of people to play with is something most adults probably seek.

How did you find out about our guild?
Rawkuz is a real life friend who informed me about UDL when New World first launched.

Describe your past MMO experiences
My first MMO was Everquest when I was approximately 11 years old. I played WoW in 2004 to approximately 2006 while in high school.

I then played WoW Classic again from 1 to 60 with my wife and really enjoyed it. At this time, I was able to join a raiding guild as one of their main tanks and really enjoyed the responsibility of this role. I felt like an important and critical part of any raid where I was main tank. If I missed a beat or messed up, the raid would wipe. If I did my job the raid would be successful. The feeling of a successful raid was a great feeling.

Other non notable MMO experience:

  • Star Wars Galaxies (favorite MMO ever but only played for approximately a year)
  • Warhammer Online
  • Everquest 2

PC Gaming History

-Left 4 Dead 1 + 2

  • Total War series (Warhammer, Medieval, Shogun)
  • 7 Days to Die (favorite game with my friends and wife)
    -Mount and Blade/Bannerlord

Do you have anything to prove you are an exceptional gamer?
I actually do not. I do not believe I am an exceptional gamer. I have never been exceptional at any game. I do think I can be an exceptional part of the community if given the opportunity. I may not always be able to dedicate the amount of time I want to for the community do to real life responsibilities (career, family, BJJ). However, I will still be there when I can in anyway I can to support the efforts of the group in any game we are currently playing.

Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?

What is your preferred play style?
PvP - Small Scale: true
PvP - Large Scale: true
Crafting/Gathering: false
Questing/Raiding: false

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am 32 years old and grew up in New Jersey. If you have never been to NJ, I do not recommend it haha.

I served in the US Army for 9 years 4 of which was with the 82nd Airborne Division as an Infantry Paratrooper. I exited the military in 2017 and have a career now on the west coast which has been a huge improvement for quality of life for myself and my wife.

Hobbies other than PC gaming are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (training for approx. 3 years) and trying my best to learn Korean.

Which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
Strongest pillar would probably be Loyalty. I have always been on Loyalty. I am unsure if it has something to do with the tribal part of every humans brain but I am big on it.

Looking at the pillars I would have to pick professionalism as my weakest. I bring no drama to wherever I go but I certainly have a doo doo mouth. I can keep it well enough under wraps when in a professional work environment and have decent enough social understanding about time and place.