Application: Criptic

What game are you applying for?
New world. NAW

What is your character name?
Criptic Or ICripticI

Why do you want to join UDL?
To be Honest IDK i just seemed like a big and chill community to surround myself with and i dont have any friends that play new world so i was just lookin for friends

How did you find out about our guild?
some one in game his name was wildone and he told me how to apply

Describe your past MMO experiences
this might be what makes u decline this but ive never played a mmo before new world and im having a lot of fun just grinding and pvping its been fun. and ive never been in a guild before for any game

Do you have anything to prove you are an exceptional gamer?
No sorry

Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?

What is your preferred play style?
PvP - Small Scale: true
PvP - Large Scale: true
Crafting/Gathering: true
Questing/Raiding: true

Tell us a little about yourself.
i dont have any likes or dislikes. and honestly im just like everyone else just trying to make friends and have a helpful and caring community to be around. that sound pretty average but that all i am a average high schooler

Which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
i would say my strongest pillars are resect, dedication and honesty, theres one weakness that i have that im trying to work on and that professionalism and loyalty. before u just decline this ive been working on these 2 things for a while and i know i can be loyal but Professionalism. ill just stay quiet lol

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