Application: Celix

8/19/2020 14:32:08 Celix_ Conquers blade I met a member in game who helped me figure some stuff out and invited me to join. its the name I started using when I started streaming so it means growth. I found out from Whosdadisthis US Eastern (UTC-5) I play after my classes so 12 pm to whenever. I played ESO and Warframe ive been in many guilds throughout my years. In ESO I was apart of shogunate. Im 20 years old attending university for IT I like working on my pc and my car. I also like playing games in large groups. PvP - Large Scale I do not but my twitch is Celix_Rl my strongest pillar would be honour and my weakest being professionalism… I have a dirty mouth when I am in the zone.

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