Albion Online Builds and Strategy

I haven’t seen much traffic on this forum but its a good spot as any for a more permanent discussion on builds for Albion Online.
Full Disclaimer, I’m not a PvP expert. I just recently applied here at UDL, and since have gotten my first real taste of what large scale PvP is all about. Thanks for the introductions guys and gals! I was primarily just doing solo content until now. That being said, here is my builds that I use. I plan on updating this and maintaining this.

Now for the content. I main in swords, and my secondary I’d say is a tie between healer and tank. Neither of which I have a group pvp build for currently. Hopefully that changes once my swords are maxed out. I use AO: Character Builder for all my builds and keep them updated if I publish. You can see all my builds here: Blkandwhtlion’s Builds
In all my build links I give a description on how to play them from my perspective

Sword Builds (RIP new user link limitations. Titles next to role purposes)

  • Corrupted Dungeon 1v1: Claymore Corrupted Dungeon
  • Team Fight 5v5 and less: Carving Sword Small Scale PvP

If you guys have more weapons and builds for more roles post them here and we can discuss on our discord.

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