ESO, (Wildlands 4v4)trial or ??


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Hello everyone, i have been on and off discord, havnt really seen anyone on all to much. Trying to find a game that can interest a bunch of us untill crofall or something else big hits.

I'm currently dabbing back into eso, allot of fun changes in the game. Couple of huge expansions since back in the day. I actually have a second account i could let somone play already leveled up from before.
Plus you can change classes ect.

But i am also trying out wildlands. (like socom) from back in the day. 4v4. I love this style of game becuase you can feel like a hero now and then. Let say 3 of your team members die, it could be 4-1 and you can take out the entire team and still win for your team. Fun times.
There is a 5 hour trial for this as well. message me if you wanna play sometime. or ill keep checking out discord.

But if therer is anygame where we have 15 plus guys active please let me know im open to playing another game. just not albion or that aria game, i dont like those old style games.

Hit me up could be fun to play another big title again soon!