New Profile Posts!!!

I really do love you guys and a bad word about UDL will never come from my keyboard or mouth. Im the bad apple, not you guys.
NM. My word I wont post another thing on your forums, But I would appreciate if you let me apologize in PMs. You have my word I will never post or enter your discord.
Damn dude. You always had my back. I love you man and Im sorry. I was such a fucktard back then. I know it didn't hurt you with the guild because you have always been what UDL is all about. Im sorry I let you down.. Someday we will play together in something and I will be there for you. Shit, good luck Terror.
Im sorry brother. You knighted me and didn't deserve any of the bullshit that came from me. I am so embarrassed. Good people, great friends, awesome gamers, and a complete asshole. I wish I could take it back.
God damn, Im sorry man. I don't even know what to say. You were one of my best friends in video games. please accept my apology. I wish you nothing but the best.
Im sorry Sal. There is no explanation good enough. God, it took me an hour to right that, I am sorry. I wish the best for you.
Yo, I hear you live in Smithfield NC? I live in Clayton.
Yeah I do, we should grab a beer sometime!
What's up old man? Long time no see. How are things going with you?
Played with UDL in Star Wars The Old Republic (for a little bit) and Darkfall. Getting ready to do some work in Bless Online and CrowFall.
I just started playing D3 again after 2 years off. Trying out the Necro and I like it.