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Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Animosity, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    Well I dont know about any of you but Im beyond excited for the upcoming WoW classic server. I think Ill be playing alliance with some IRL friends. Anyone else planning on playing?

    Add me on Blizz. Animostiy#1532
  2. CruCial

    CruCial The Not So Bright Knight

    I will more then likely come back for this. Vanilla was the best. But I hear it wont be out for awhile. Like a year. Can you confirm or deny this?
  3. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    @CruCial they havent released any info yet in regards to a release date. Im hoping sooner rather than later.

    Send me a friend request on Battlenet.

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