Uthgard. 4k Pop limit classic server.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Innex, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. Innex

    Innex Active Member

    Classic Dark Ages of Camelot.


    Yes you read that right. 4 THOUSAND PEOPLE. That is double the limit of Live servers.......It used to be 2.7k but they just upgraded last night. Might be the single best NON FFA server there is, or ever will be.

    If your looking for something to play this is still in its infancy. 3-4 weeks old at the moment.....

    I got here after 2 weeks (little late) and joined Hibernia (Underdog). Mid is most populated with Albion somewhere inbetween.

    I know a bunch of you really enjoyed the competitive 8v8 and if you didn't get a chance to, your welcome :D
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  2. Ginko

    Ginko King Shit of Fuck Mountain Knight

    where the hell have you been bro?
  3. Innex

    Innex Active Member

    farting around with this and that, going to play this pretty hard for now until something better releases.
  4. Reviled

    Reviled New Member

    Innex, I never played DAOC. This shit ugly as sin? I cant play shadowbane for that reason. Im bored off my rocker, but I also do not have the time to game that I used to. 50+ hour weeks plus a start up business on the side, daddyhood and family. I play less than 10 hours a week of games these days=( Its crazy how responsibilities change outlooks. I just feel stupid for pushing the hardcore bullshit before. Casual gamings where its at. Hit me up in discord. ~Akasha
  5. Ginko

    Ginko King Shit of Fuck Mountain Knight

    It's worse looking then shadowbane.
  6. Ginko

    Ginko King Shit of Fuck Mountain Knight

    Crowfall test servers last from Friday-Monday night
  7. Innex

    Innex Active Member

    Server died eventually due to being miss managed. Last time I checked I was still number #4 Eldritch or someshit... I was so far ahead in #1 when I stopped playing it took months and months for people to pass me after I quit :p

    Eldritch was super strong we should have had some on Andred, I think that was Terror's argument! haha :X

    Hope all is well and you guys are dominating what you are playing as well ;)

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