Shout to the Ancients

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Twystyd, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. Twystyd

    Twystyd New Member

    Was looking for Terror, Kryptt, Ingen, Rayven, Madman, Orcsoul, Groone, Savante etc. Knights from the NWN, UO, EQ1 days.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone, never stopped thinking about all the fun we had. I still have contact with Ghool we Diablo3 some. Dad (Ailnayil) is still around, playing Eve, in his upper 70's now as I am 50 yrs old.

    Also wanted you guys to have contact for me,

    Hope this finds everyone well.

  2. Sinsear

    Sinsear Active Member Knight

    No one from EQ ever remembers the Football :(
  3. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

    A lot of us are communicating through discord these days;
  4. Twystyd

    Twystyd New Member

    ya I got a link to your Discord server, just have not seen anyone I know there yet.
  5. Twystyd

    Twystyd New Member

    Sorry Sinsear, memory is not great, I been hit in the head pretty hard a few times.
  6. Lord Mark

    Lord Mark Active Member Knight

    If you were roaming around Ultima, Kanien and I most likely put you in the dirt numerous times.
  7. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly Member Knight

    we'd be happy if you shook off some dust n cobwebs when crowfall fires up! :)

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