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    Undead Lords [UDL] in ArcheAge

    Originally founded in October 1994 in AOL's Neverwinter Nights, UDL has a long history as a formidable and tight-knit force in many MMOs (list below). From AA NA Aranzeb to AA NA Reckoning, our tradition of well-honed PVP groups continues and we have now opened the UDL gates for recruitment.

    We are a group of mature gamers that prides ourselves in being excellent at our own unique role in the guild. A lot of us have been playing games for 20+ years and don't plan on stopping. We are PvP’ers at our core, continuing to collect Blood and Souls for Myrkul. If you want to be a part of a well-structured tight-knit group and can put up with some internal insult based humor... Throw in an application. Immature adults or gamers under the age of 18 need not apply.

    Requirements and Expectations:

    Level 55 - 3.5k GS

    Discord is required

    Our discord is Rated R for - drinking, smoking, cursing, and adult conversations

    Communism guild structure

    New players welcome as long as you are willing to take advise

    Don't be a dick

    Apply Here!
    (All applications must be submitted via the forums)

    Contact Haer or Allycat in-game for more information,

    Previous Games
    Neverwinter Nights
    Ultima Online Atlantic
    Ultima Online Catskills
    Ultima Online Siege Perilous
    Dark Age of Camelot Bedevere
    Dark Age of Camelot Andred
    Shadowbane Mourning
    Shadowbane Vindication
    World of Warcraft - Archimonde and Ravenholdt servers
    Age of Conan
    Darkfall EU Server
    Darkfall NA Server
    Global Agenda
    Starwars The Old Republic - Belgoth's Beacon
    Diablo 3
    Guild Wars 2 - Stormbluff Isle
    Darkfall Unholy Wars Na Server
    DC Universe
    Ultima Online An Corp
    Elder Scrolls Online
    ArcheAge Online - NA Server
    Albion Online
    Black Desert Online
    ArcheAge Online – NA - Reckoning Server
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