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  1. Donar

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    For those of you that have been living under a rock, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S Battlegrounds has been out in early access for about 8 weeks. It is a battle royale style game where you search for loot and kill your enemies to be the last one standing. The game offers solo, duo, and four man squad games against 100 other players at a time.

    If you've ever played H1Z1 or the ARMA 2/3 mod Battle Royale the game runs on the same principles as those, however this is being developed by Playerunknown himself, who was the original designer of the arma 2 mod and the main contributor to H1Z1 KOTK.

    Part of what has made this game so great so far is that it offers some of the ARMA-like realism without being overbearing to the point of needing to remember 500 hotkeys. The game is being constantly updated with weekly patches and monthly additions including new weapons and balance. Adding to that, the pacing and gun combat just feels...right.

    Here is a random highlight video from a week ago of fun and crazy stuff people have been doing -

    Here are a couple of streamers to check out if you are interested - - Probably one of the top 5 players in the game. - Hilarious - Plays a ton of duos.

    We've been having a ton of fun playing squad games in this almost every night with -

    Kikotree (my wife)
    And myself.

    If you're interested in joining us and killing a bunch of people check out
    Watch this beginner video
    and pop into my personal discord (we've been using this as we often have non-udl playing)

    Hit any of us up if you have any questions and I hope a few of you pick it up and join us. We've been having tons of fun and I think it fills that gap for something to play where some strategy and planning can lead you to great success.
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    they need to get rid of the 3rd person bullshit. It allows for to much visability from behind cover.
  3. Donar

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    In solo's I'd totally agree that there need to be first person servers. For squads and duos though, I find that I die more making bad decisions than from being 3rd person'd.
  4. Knyx

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    This game is really perfect practice for the guild...check the game loop:

    1. Spawn into a plane flying over a map, immediately choose a location to skydive towards

    2. When you land, look around for weapons/armor/items

    3. A circle appears on the map along with a timer telling you where you have to go before you're esentially out of bounds - if you're out of bounds you start taking damage until you're inside the circle

    4. Kill and survive until your team is the last one standing

    Gives me flashbacks to all the good MMOs I've played over the years without the bullshit level/gear treadmill.

    Until the next good MMO comes around, here's why you should play this game:

    1. The game forces you to be better/smarter in your decision making - you realize pretty quickly who likes to sit back and loot or play aggressive, but the right answer is always to adapt to the situation and communicate.

    2. It's different from your standard shooter where everyone can do their own thing and you can still have some success. If you aren't on the same page with everyone in this game you'll get flanked and rolled and be sitting in spectator wondering what went wrong.

    3. More than anything else - you learn to communicate with each other in a very clear manner since by the time you're in a fight, it's too late for anyone to help you, so you have to telegraph your decision making to your team if you're doing something risky (like running across a wide open street) so everyone can react appropiately once combat starts.

    4. You learn to get better at the small stuff. Instead of rushing straight around a corner, peek first. Watch the windows. Learn to recognize loot on the ground so you can decide if you need it without needing to sit there and mouseover item descriptions.
  5. Donar

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    Another video of why this game is so fucking fun and you should be playing it with us.
  6. zophar

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    you guys are totally welcome to use UDL discord for this
  7. Pest

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    You guys SHOULD use UDL discord for this. Maybe some of the guys you pick up are MMO players as well. It's good to keep the guild looking strong and active.
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  8. Izmak

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    Hi yes I play this a ton thanks!
  9. bwin

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    Anyone still play? If so what time does everyone get online? I work sun-thur 2359-0759 or later.
  10. Panzers

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    usually guys on every night playing

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