Network Outage Feb 8, 2017

Lord Groone

Lord of Beans
We wanted to let you know we are planning a proactive network maintenance on February 8, 2017 at 10:30pm PST in order to further improve network reliability. This has a planned maintenance window of four hours, and will result in server unavailability of up to 45 minutes.

Once the maintenance has begun, please avoid adding or modifying databases on your MySQL server, as we will be unable to process any database-related changes during this time (and those changes may be lost).

This will only affect availability of your web servers and MySQL servers during the maintenance period.


ArcheAge IC
See if you can find the UDL Knight Info while you're digging through there. Also, I need to get a squire access to the forums. I am the AA IC Scribe/Gatekeeper and I still don't have permissions. lol
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