Discussion in 'Current Games' started by Animosity, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    Anyone playing this? I havent played it in years and have been pretty damn bored. Looking for some friends to reap some souls with.
  2. Sizmo

    Sizmo Well-Known Member Knight

    i like the idea of getting back into it with a group of UDL. Its a game that has something for everyone and doesnt require months of work to pvp. There doesnt seem to be much interest when i mention it though.
  3. Knyx

    Knyx Member Knight

    Wish I knew people were still into GW2 before I left ANet, could've gotten you guys stuff

    If anyone wants some merch that I'll never use/wear, shoot me your address
  4. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    Got any HoT xpac codes? :p
  5. Knyx

    Knyx Member Knight

    I think I have two actually, I'll PM you when I find them
  6. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    That would be awesome, thanks!
  7. Jalec

    Jalec Member Knight

    Last time i played, open world was heavy on the zerg mechanics. Certain classes while not outlawed were definitely undesirable. A well established clan was required to do anything meaningful in open world. I played until shortly after the expansion. It was a lot of fun, but became a bit like work.

    Just my 2cents
  8. Sizmo

    Sizmo Well-Known Member Knight

    I re-installed this game to mess around. I made a new character to get myself used to the game again.

    I really liked GW2 and now there is a ton of content to play through and experience. Esponda and Animosity are in GW2, and i intend to play it as a temp game until something else gets closer to an actual beta/release.

    I feel like we have a solid 6+ months before anything new really comes together, so GW2 might be my go-to until then because i enjoyed the game so much. if anyone else is interested in playing, you're probably already a member of the UDL guild in-game, but if not, let me know and we can get you in. Esponda invited me.

    My character name on the new guy is Sizmo UDL.

    PS: if there's free HoT expansion codes, i'd take one if one is available. I wont use it until i know i 'm going to play this for a while.
  9. Animosity

    Animosity Member Knight

    New expansion comes out Sept 22! Good time to jump back in if youre bored. So much to do now since I last played this game.
  10. Jalec

    Jalec Member Knight

    If anyone plays the Beta for the new XPack let me know how it goes.
  11. Buonocore

    Buonocore New Member

    I miss GW2, I'll probably install it again over the holidays. How's the new expansion playing out? Do you guys like the mounts?
  12. Esponda

    Esponda Knight Knight

    Honestly the best implementation of mounts in any game. It just feels so good.
  13. MacDareth

    MacDareth Member Knight

    what server are you guys on. i have been playing but solo can get pretty boring

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