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    Funeral info for Deathwish with Military Honors

    JUL 19. 04:00 PM
    Carter-Trent Funeral Home-Church Hill
    1115 Hwy 11 W
    Church Hill, TN, US, 37642

    Obituary for Deathwish aka Richard William Voss
    Richard William Voss, age 64, of Mt. Carmel, TN, entered into eternal life on Saturday, July 1, 2017. He was born in Chicago, IL, but resided here in east Tennessee for the past 11 years.

    Richard is survived by his loving wife of 23 years, Virgie Voss; son, Travis Voss; 2 daughters, Savanna Voss and Kaylee Voss all of Mt. Carmel, TN; son, Brian Voss of Kenosha, WI; 2 brothers, Gregg Voss and wife, Angela of Lake Zurich, IL, and Bob Voss of Appleton, WI; and 2 sisters, Sharon Voss of Mt. Carmel, TN, and Robin Knipfer of Stoughhton, WI.

    Military rites will begin at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at Carter-Trent Funeral Home in Church Hill with American Legion Hammond Post #3/265 presiding. Friends may gather starting at 3:00 pm.

    In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Carter-Trent Funeral Home to aid with final arrangements.

    Carter-Trent Funeral Home in Church Hill is proudly serving the Voss family.
    To send flowers or a memorial gift to the family of Richard William Voss please visit our Sympathy S
    tore. (Yes, the link works as intended)

    Updated Obituary -


    We were notified that our brother Deathwish has passed from this life. The following was posted in Discord and on his personal FB page. His passing has been confirmed.
    [UDL] Deathwish- Sunday, June 2, 2017 at 7:29 AM

    Hello this is rick's kid. I have very bad news about my father. We were all eating dinner last night and everyone finished i came downstairs to ask him something and I found him dead on the floor. He had fallen out of his chair and hit his head. He never got to finish his meal. I'm sorry to bring this news, but it is how it is.

    Richard Voss
    This is Rick's wife. I have the saddest news...Rick passed away late yesterday. The kids & I are so heartbroken at this time...Sorry for the sad news, but I thought all his Facebook friends should know...Prayers for our family would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.
    Richard Voss - Wednesday, June 5, 2017 at 12:00PM
    Rick's service will be on the 19th this month at Carter Trent in Church Hill. Family will be there and anyone who wishes to come is welcome to, but if you are coming please leave a like or comment so we will know how many people will or might be there. It was going to be a week before the 19th but I requested it to be on the 19th to convenience people to better make plans to attend. Richard was a wonderful father even if he had a hard time expressing it. I know he would love for his friends to be there to remember and mourn him. -Kaylee
    If anyone has any pictures or video of Deathwish, toon or RL, please post them here or forward to Pest so that we may include them in a Guild Tribute.

    We're going to be sending something to Deathwish's family from the guild bank once we have more details on memorial service info etc. If you'd like to contribute to the bank (this is where our payments for webhosting etc. come from) you can donate here:
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  2. Pest

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    I'm going to miss you old man, gaming won't be the same without you. When I met you I was just some nerdy kid just out of college that liked video games. Now my kids play games with their friends online just like us.... It's been a lifetime buddy, thanks for the memories.

    -Some "Kid from the bushes in Canada"
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  3. Haer

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    Still having a hard time with this... Thanks for the memories my friend, I feel bad about giving you shit when we talked last, last week about you still playing Archeage. You are truly Immortal now, RIP Deathwish !
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  4. Sequitor

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    wow!! i cant believe condolences to his family, he was my mentor, my friend and pal, i will miss ya a bunch, thank you for the good times.
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  5. AllyEssence

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    I spent a lot time with this man, hauling and running packs across the ocean in AA.... into the weeeeeeee hours of the morning... Longggggg conversations about this and that.... Laughing when he went on his liberal, conspiracy rants..... He reminded me of my late father, whom was quite the opposite in political beliefs yet just as passionate... Picking on him about falling asleep at his keyboard... He always was a wealth of knowlege and very helpful to those in need.... Such a Fierce, loyal friend... He was one of the select few in UDL that I was close to....

    I'm having a hard time with his passing.. I figured he would outlive us all. Did you know he loved to cook, and cook well? Knowing that, and knowing that his passing started during dinner makes things worse for me.. Not sure why.. The irony of it all.. I'm sure he made a great meal that night and I hate that he was not able to finish it..

    Anyway, Thank you for the great times and for being such an awesome friend! I'm really missing you, my immortal friend.
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  6. Chaosfiend

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    Had some fun memories of Rick back in the early WoW days. Wish I got to spend more time with him in subsequent games. RIP Deathwish. :(
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  7. Panzers

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    I didn't get to know Deathwish very well over the years, guess we never synced up. Still sad to see a good knight move on.

    This event has made me realize that I need to make a personal effort to get to know each and every one of you, at least a little bit better. You never know what life is going to throw you.

    Hoping that UDL can unite better in upcoming games and take souls in Deathwish's name.
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  8. Izmak

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    This hit the feels pretty hard. It was just a few months ago that we were exchanging money making tips in Archeage. I'd show him how to drive a car over the mountain regions to Karkasse, and he'd teach me and the rest of the UDL faction there about various game mechanics.

    See you on the next level, kin - I know you'll be waiting for all of us to reach you.
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  9. Savante

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    Came to check the forums to catch up on everything, and this was incredibly sad to hear. Deathwish was a stand-up person, and I had the pleasure of enjoying his company over the years. We would talk concerning how much our children and marriages meant to us. Then we would go back and forth for hours on politics, and just go back to gaming and have fun. My condolences to his wife, children, and family. My prayers are with you all. I will look around on my PC to see if I can find any game footage of us playing over the years.
  10. Esponda

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    Wasted a lot of good hours with DW. Rest in peace!
  11. Gonzeau

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    Very sorry to hear, DW was always a nice guy. Best wishes to all of you guys.

    Rest in peace man.
  12. Pest

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    Just to update everyone. We have paid for the entire funeral to help the Voss family in their time of need.
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  13. Theolyn

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    I heard from kelctia about the passing of DW, Condolences as he will be missed, he was a genuine upstanding dude
  14. Dee

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    OMG! sorry to hear about this. My own mother passed June 1 and then her tenant passed in July. It is quite a rough year for all.

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