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  1. Todin

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    Hello my Ladies and Lords,

    1. Why do you want to join UDL? (Minimum: 1 paragraph)
    UDL is a solid long-lasting community and that's what i'm looking for, now. I'm pretty sure i've met a few Knights on the battlefield, mostly on Darkfall. And i remember them having a good behavior.
    I want to be part of something strong. And i want to meet new people who i share a way of living with.

    2. What is your character name, and what does it mean to you?
    Todin. It's actually my first AD&D character i ever created, 20 years ago. It's my nickname in most games and it's so strongly me that i had it inked on my arm in Khazalid (Warhammer fans will know).

    3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?
    I asked for a PvP oriented guild in game and Ginko suggested UDL. I don't know anyone yet.

    4. When do you usually play? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? What country/timezone do you live in?
    The when is highly related to work. I'm learning to be a web developper atm and working a lot. So i will play casualy for now. But after that, i should be able to play most evenings and some part of the week ends.
    I'm living in Paris, France so it's UTC+1.

    5. Describe your past MMO experiences. What is your guild history?
    Started with Diablo 2 and Guild Wars. Then Warhammer Online (still makes me sad how that game was destroyed ...). After that, my beloved Darkfall Online probably around 5 years. Involved in most of the big wars.
    Tried SWTOR, Rift, Albion Online, Warframe, DFUW, DF RoA ...
    But since Darkfall, i mostly played Path of Exile.

    In terms of guild history, i'll keep it short since i'm already late. I was one of the first member of a French Dwarf "only" community witch latest around 7 years. Some of this guys are still my friends even if the community splitted.
    Another guild that i'm involved in is INSIDIAE. Thoses two both played Darkfall at some point.
    In fact, i've started Crowfall with 2 other members of INSIDIAE and might propose them to apply to UDL if my application is positively recieved.

    6. Tell us a little about yourself. Age? Likes and dislikes? Anything at all you'd like to share. Here is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. (Minimum: 1 paragraph)
    I'm a 30 years old about to become a happy web developer. Interested in a lot of things. Music and gaming are my 2 mains passions with web developing. I also like to be involved in communities's life. I organized tournaments and lore oriented events back in DF. Getting to know new persons, trying new food and travel are things i love. New Zealand is on the short term list.

    7. What is your preferred play style? PvP, crafting, gathering, or any combination of these?
    Pvp for sure. But i actully don't mind PvE. I'll gather if needed. I would avoid crafting if possible.

    8. What excites you the most about the game you are applying for?
    Finnaly a game that i could find the fun i had in DF again. I want that PvP, GvG and FvF actions ! The politics, the strategy. Love it

    9. Based on the document you were directed to read, "Being an Undead Lord", which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
    Those pillars are things i live by every day. I don't really know how to choose a strong or weak one.
    If i really have to, i'd say my weakest would be kind of dedication. Sometimes, i want to be so good so i might end up doing too much and get sick of a game for some time. My strong one would be Loyalty. As a Dwarf, i am loyal until the end. But you need to earn that loyalty.

    I want to thank you for your time. It's an honor to apply to this community.


  2. Jagour

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    Salut @Todin! Please jump in our Crowfall Public voice channel on Discord whenever you are in game to start getting to know some of our members. If you don't see anyone in there it is probably because we are in hidden channels but someone will notice you and drag you down. This will go on usually for about a week so we can feel eachother out and see if it is still a path you want to move down. Myrkul Awaits!


  3. Todin

    Todin New Member

    Thank you for your quick reply. I'll join in as soon as possible.



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