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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grim, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Never heard of this game although it looks like their studio is right next to my apartment...

    Instead of trying to design the perfect skill/ability/talent and getting bogged down on implementation details, I'd focus on what you think the game is missing, ideas for what could fill the hole, and how your ideas would work within the larger context of the game (especially in relation to other skills and abilities). If the game isn't released yet then that's kind of a tough thing to do which makes me think this is just a community building exercise. In general when devs ask for ideas like this, it's just basically them throwing the community a bone or being lazy with coming up with ideas.

    Even if your idea was selected, once it gets implemented and iterated on a million times over by programmers/designers/artists, it won't look like how you designed it anyway and therefore isn't really "your idea" at that point so don't get too attached. If you're just having fun though then go nuts, but don't stress yourself out or "work hard" on it.

    Generally from what I've seen the ideas that generally "win" these types of things are the ones that are dead simple but unique and innovative and have some photoshop infographic that sum up the idea. Bonus points if you jump into an engine like Unreal or Unity and prototype it out - which is probably the most healthy use of your time if you're interested in this stuff, theory crafting doesn't really get you anywhere because it requires people to be motivated to read and use their imagination which is a big ask for 90% of people - even in the game industry.
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    Well the studio didn't, exactly, ask for ideas they would definitely put into the game. They were simply curious as to what sort of ideas the community had for their game. I just put up a talent I'd want and spit-balled some ideas for how it would function hahaha
  4. I think this talent could be implemented but what would be the key to activate it? Soulbound Studios mentioned that although 1-5% of the players have talents they may not even awaken it within their characters first or second life.

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