Chronicles of Elyria

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Panzers, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

    Interesting new game I found recently. Have been talking about it recently in Discord Chat. Politics, full loot pvp, all the good stuff.

    If you feel like backing please use this friend code: 32350D

    This lets us gain "influence" which in turn will allow us to Grab a better settlement for UDL during kingdom selection which is happening "soon".

    If you have any questions feel free to ask. More info is pinned in Discord.

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  2. Huma

    Huma Member Knight

    I'm in! Going to likely get the Mayor package.
  3. Rohanon

    Rohanon Member Knight

    I bought in. I got the Magistrate package but might upgrade it to the Count or Duke package
  4. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

  5. Sizmo

    Sizmo Well-Known Member Knight

    Made an Account, used that code. Haven't purcahsed anything yet. I'm not sure what package to pickup
  6. Theolyn

    Theolyn New Member

    I was looking over the game and it is really interesting and different. Haven't decided yet on the package I may go with but non the less the game has my interest.
  7. Bronn

    Bronn New Member Knight

    Lets delete this thread. Shouldn't be promoting scams on our forums.
  8. Grim

    Grim New Member

    Wait so are we still playing this when it launches? I am still looking forward to this and saw it was removed from Discord a while back. I assumed we were just going another direction with the Discord and neglected to ask getting caught up in my day to day haha. What'd I miss?
  9. CountLong

    CountLong New Member

    I'm a count via backing so yall can run through my county if you are on NA W.

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