Chronicles of Elyria


Interesting new game I found recently. Have been talking about it recently in Discord Chat. Politics, full loot pvp, all the good stuff.

If you feel like backing please use this friend code: 32350D

This lets us gain "influence" which in turn will allow us to Grab a better settlement for UDL during kingdom selection which is happening "soon".

If you have any questions feel free to ask. More info is pinned in Discord.

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Made an Account, used that code. Haven't purcahsed anything yet. I'm not sure what package to pickup


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I was looking over the game and it is really interesting and different. Haven't decided yet on the package I may go with but non the less the game has my interest.


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Wait so are we still playing this when it launches? I am still looking forward to this and saw it was removed from Discord a while back. I assumed we were just going another direction with the Discord and neglected to ask getting caught up in my day to day haha. What'd I miss?


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We still have plenty of people that have backed CoE. we're just not actively doing anything with it until there's something playable to explore. Atm, CoE is still considered vaporware.