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    WSE series reciprocating and damping single screw extruder
    This singe screw extruder has a versatile and high performance kneading and dispersion system for manufacturing powder coating and other products. The kneader has a unique design which the spiral elements have three breaks within one screw pitch on the shaft ,on the counter part of the breaks , there are three lines of stationery pins in the liner , all these permit the screw to reciprocate while rotating , with each round of screw rotating movement , the shaft does on reciprocating movement .

    Under the function of the screw element and pins , the material no only sheared ,but also conveyed the reciprocally between them
    The material back and forward movement assists the radial movement with an effective axial oscillating movement for each 360 rotation , different from a simple mixing by twin screw extruder ,the material is sheared ,kneaded , and rotated continuously by the single screw extruder .

    With radial and axial mixing together , it generate better mixing effect , offers the excellent dispersing and homogenizing in short time . Otherwise , it increase the self-cleaning as well by the mesh of the screw element and kneading pins .

    *High quality powder
    *Any powder which twin screw extruder unable to mix it well
    *The powder has to be kneaded in a very clean barrel
    *The powder sensitive to high temperature
    *Large m medium and small scale production and various colors
    *Stable even wrinkle of texture powder
    *Short time processing , minimum consumption , optimum quality
    *The reciprocating movement permits kneading ,dispersing , shearing , and homogenizing in one processing
    *Each to clean and maintenance ,change color conveniently

    ModelScrew dia(mm)Screw length/diaMain motor(kw)Feeding motor(kw)Output(kg/h)Dimension(mm)
    China Extruder

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