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    We are a comprehensive technology company, providing one-stop service for all industrial furnaces , specializing in supplying types of refractories, such as fused cast refractory block, zirconia brick, corundum mullite brick, magnesia brick, silica brick, sillimanite brick, high alumina brick, fireclay brick, JM insulation brick, unshaped hot repairing material, sealing material, high alumina castable, zirconia ramming material, refractory mortar, ceramic fiber product, kiln furniture and different kinds of high temperature crucibles.
    We have a professional team specializing in furnace design, construction, installation and commissioning. The furnace can use any fuel which is the cheapest in your country and the economy of fuel consumption is achieved by our unique designing structure. We could provide automatic end fire regenerative solid sodium silicate (water glass) furnace; automatic end fire regenerative ceramic frit furnace; automatic end fire regenerative glass-ceramic furnace; recuperative sodium silicate (water glass) furnace and ceramic frit furnace; micron hollow glass bead furnace for space technology; daily-use glass melting furnace; small glass tank furnace & crucible furnace; ceramic shuttle kiln; annealing furnace Insulating Fire Brick

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