Ashes of Creation

Discussion in 'Upcoming Games' started by Sinsear, May 10, 2017.

  1. Sinsear

    Sinsear Member Knight

    I came across this and the concepts look interesting. Sadly, it's at least 1.5 to 2 years from launch, but if we can have Star Citizen up here for 13 years...

    Main Webiste:

    Dev Q&A video:

    Kickstarter ends in 22 days for those that like taking risks :)
  2. Lord Groone

    Lord Groone Lord of Beans

    Looks interesting. I'll probably just stick with ESO.
  3. Glimmer

    Glimmer Member Knight

    I like the interview with the lead designer, seems interesting concept with the world shaping. Almost like Shadowbane...
  4. WickedOne

    WickedOne Member Knight

    This game looks super cool 2 me.
  5. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

    Looks a little cookie cutter gameplay wise, but I'm watching to see how it develops.

    I'm still looking for an MMO that's going to break the mold! Lucky there are a few in development right now.
  6. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

    A few of us are already heavily invested in this game, and we have it on the radar. If you would like to get on board for the hype train just hit me up in discord.
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  7. WickedOne

    WickedOne Member Knight

    I thought u was star citizen 4 lyfe panz. I don't wanna waste time on an alpha, playin BDO and enjoying it until something better comes along. We are all back again, u shuld rejoin.

    Let us know in Discord when AoC is in Beta though.
  8. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight


    I dont know much about AoC.

    Star Citizen and Chronicles of Elyria are both very similar in many aspects, so that's why I am interested in both projects. For now Crowfall is hella fun, and I am excited about more knights getting involved. Pick up a copy of Crowfall when you get a chance, you wont be disappointed.
  9. WickedOne

    WickedOne Member Knight

    I donated to crowfall, concerned about its depth tho.
  10. Panzers

    Panzers Member Knight

  11. WickedOne

    WickedOne Member Knight

    Sorry for my late response, I mean richness of the world around, what all there is to do in the game, how immersive it is.

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