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1. Why do you want to join UDL? (Minimum: 1 paragraph)

The reason I would like to join is this, from what I seen is that you guys seem to be a well established guild. I want to be a part of the organized, and fun PvP content of Albion and future games to come, to Laugh and Enjoy some Bloodshed of others who cross ourt paths, and even craft or just sit around and enjoy a good day of talk.

2. What is your character name, and what does it mean to you?

My character name is TicklingTaint, there's not a lot of what it means to mean other than a sense of humor I randomly had one day to see a player killed by the name.

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?

[UDL] Kori is the person that had come across and told me about UDL.

4. When do you usually play? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? What country/timezone do you live in?

I normally play shortly after I wake up any where starting around 1pm EST to 9pm EST on the weekdays depending on my schedule with the children I have and my wife. On the weekends it's more of a random thing but it's no specific time frame as I work 3rd shift during the weekdays and I work a lot of my Saturdays/ Fridays. I'm from Ohio, USA as well.

5. Describe your past MMO experiences. What is your guild history?

I started playing Diablo 2 in the later 90's early 2000''s and eventually moved towards MMO's such as Aion mainly with a random guild that had a good bond with each other. I then moved onward to other random games such as Guild Wars 2, a little bit of WoW during BoA expansion, ArcheAge on a private server still occaisionally play that to pay some taxes lately.

6. Tell us a little about yourself. Age? Likes and dislikes? Anything at all you'd like to share. Here is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. (Minimum: 1 paragraph)

My name is Tom, i'm 30 with 2 kids one on the way due soon enough. I'm from Ohio in a little town that is In middle of nowhere. I personally dont' have any dislikes but I like to just have a good old time relaxing on the computer and spending time with my family. I also spent time in the USMC as a diesel Mechanic

7. What is your preferred play style? PvP, crafting, gathering, or any combination of these?

PvP is probably my preferred playstyle even though I say i'm not great at it

8. What excites you the most about the game you are applying for?

The versatility of character building

9. Based on the document you were directed to read, "Being an Undead Lord", which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
Honor would be a strong point
Dedication would prolly be my weakest point
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