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    1. What is your character name in Albion Online?


    2. What are your usual daily playing times, and what would your average time invested per week total? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable?

    In 4th year of university, so my time is wildly variable. I try to hop in at least for an hour each day, and a bit more on the weekend if permissible. I'm in the PST timezone, and my playtime is generally during the evenings.

    3. What is your guild or clan history in Albion?

    In the guild Shogun, part of the Exodia alliance. Guild merged with Crimson Council, but their weekly fees were too steep for how unreliable my playtime can be during midterm weeks and finals week.

    4. What is your guild or clan history in previous games?

    Played in multiple guilds in GW2, all with the same group of 50 guys. Changed guilds for name change purposes. Original guild was Borlis Saviours.

    5. Why do you want to join UDL? (Minimum: 1 paragraph)

    I want to join UDL as i'm looking for a guild that plays in more than just albion, and that forms a community. Shogun was supposed to be that for me, but the guild crumbled quickly. Seeing the age of this guild puts more confidence in the survival and continuation of a community. Additionally, staying in the Exodia alliance will keep the same atmosphere I am experience with PVP.

    6. Describe your past MMO experiences?

    Played GW2 for upwards of 4000 hours. Played mainly World vs World, which is massive 50v50 battles like albion can achieve in ZvZ.

    7. To succeed in Albion Online in a top tier guild, all members must contribute the entirety of their spoils to the war machine that is UDL. (ie: Materials, gear obtained from PVP that they don't use, etc.) In return the guild will craft and supply you with the gear you need to perform all possible activities in Albion. Do you agree with our system?

    I fully agree with this system.

    8. How did you find out about our guild? (website/member/recruitment post/etc)

    Exodia alliance.

    9. Please list any players who could vouch for you if necessary.

    10. Tell us a little about yourself. Age? Likes and dislikes? Anything at all you'd like to share. Here is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. (Minimum: 1 paragraph)

    Age 21. From Canada. In 4th year of university doing electrical engineering. Love playing video games, fan of PUBG, GW2, Albion online (and others, just no time to sink into them).

    11. What is your preferred play style? PvP, Crafting or Gathering? (or any combination of these)

    I enjoy PVPing, Crafting, and Gathering, depending how I am feeling that day. More energy and i'll go PVP, or if it was a long day i'll gather, since outrunning people is simple.

    12. Elaborate on your play style and what motivates you to log in and game.

    I log into the game to have fun. Win or lose gear does not really matter to me, as long as it was enjoyable. That doesn't mean I don't try my hardest to win, since I hate losing.
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    Haven't heard of you in a while Qazi, hit LordMark or myself ingame.

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