Application to Albion - 1337paintbal


New Member

1. Why do you want to join UDL? (Minimum: 1 paragraph)
Albion is all about community. If you pair with the wrong people its a bad experience, but the right community can allow anyone to thrive. I've been a part of a few guilds/teams/clans and seen the toxicity tear them apart. The community of Undead Lords is attractive with differences that bring us together.

2. What is your character name, and what does it mean to you?
1337paintbal, 12 characters as allowed by Runescape classic. I at one point when i was young I loved paintballing and gaming, thus the name stuck. You could add me on any mmo under that name and I'd receive a friends request.

3. How did you find out about our guild? Do you have a member of UDL who can vouch for you?
S0journer - I would like to believe he, Barricuda, Warox, BeanBrown, Bronn, and Kori could vouch.

4. When do you usually play? Are there days/times when you are consistently unavailable? What country/timezone do you live in?
Holidays I would generally be unavailable along with when I'm at work (9am-6pm Weekdays).
USA - East coast GMT - 5

5. Describe your past MMO experiences. What is your guild history?
I could write a book on this. I started with Runescape Classic that turned into Runescape, I first joined a guild Called Cutthroat syndicate (CXS) and quickly ascended rank to a war leader, responsible of over 150 clan mates. Internal struggle over the years caused the clan to fall apart and I with a few clan mates created a clan named Team Infamous. Additionally "Pure" accounts were very popular so we also lead a Pure clan called Team Smite. Over the years Life happened to many, dissolving the clan peacefully.
Other MMO's I've played in no particular order:
LoL, WoW, legends of Aria, CrowFall, Black desert online, Crush online, Elder scrolls online(PC and Xbox), Never-winter nights, Firefall, Guild Wars 1, Maple story, Ark, Atlas, Battlerite, RPGMMO, Blade & Soul, Diablo 2 & 3, Defiance, Defiance 2050, Dreadnought, Cloud Pirates, Elsword, Path of Exile online, FlyFF, GaiaOnline, TribalWars Online, Warmonger online, LOTR Online, SWTOR Online, PlanetSide, Counterstrike 1.5/1.6/Source/GO. I got tired of typing haha, but more.

6. Tell us a little about yourself. Age? Likes and dislikes? Anything at all you'd like to share. Here is your chance to set yourself apart from other applicants. (Minimum: 1 paragraph)
I've got a degree in applied science for Advanced Simulation and Video games, I have a passion for Games and the happiness it can bring many. My dislikes are few as it keeps stress away. My likes are about as long if not longer than my MMO list.
Dislikes: Social Media, Luthar, Taxes(IRL), Bland food, Empty Cup or Bowl :)
Likes: My Wife (LeiaSky), Building computers, Build Guns, shooting guns, Making Whips, Brew beer/Wine/Mead, Vaping, Full Cup or Bowl :), 3d Printing, Sharp Knives, Cooking(IRL), Number variations of 1337, Green. Many more.
Adults are just older kids, let your mind go wild, fail a few times to succeed.

I'm 27, work as part of a Procurement team for a large vape company. Along with procurement I also work statistics and logistics to keep the company thriving. Keep a Hippy Mind but a professional appearance.

7. What is your preferred play style? PvP, crafting, gathering, or any combination of these?
PVE/PVP - I spent to many years in runescape to want to keep gathering(15 years to be exact).
Crafting is a buyable skill, once I'm rich enough I'll max all crafting skills.

8. What excites you the most about the game you are applying for?
It combines all the elements of an MMO I've been looking for, Primarily PVP loot system, No "Quests", Decent but Grindy PVE system.

9. Based on the document you were directed to read, "Being an Undead Lord", which is your strongest pillar? Which is your weakest?
Strongest - Professionalism, There is a right way and a wrong way to approach everything. People are more incline to Listen and learn when treated correctly.
Weakest - Loyalty, I've played a lot of MMO's and seen all types of leadership. Though its my weakness now, as we grow together, It can become my strongest suit.