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    Is Pest REALLY What You Want People To See When They Think of UDL?

    Your worship of Pest is noted.
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    Conquerors Blade - Hideyoshi

    Thanks for the app. I'll follow up with you later tonight with next steps.
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    Kvothe - Application for Legends of Aria

    Good app. Handled
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    Kefka Palazzo Application for LoA and CrowFall

    Thanks for the app. As mentioned when we talked a few days ago, general recruitment in LoA is currently closed. We will however entertain setting up some duels or small fights to see what level you’re at, as we will accept people that are natural pvpers and have characters with 90+ on all of...
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    Application to Legends of Aria - Ixia

    Thanks for the app. We are currently closed for recruitment in LoA unless you feel your pvp skill is very high and your main character is 90+ on its skills. PM Ponder in our discord if this is the case and we can arrange interviews and duels with our members.
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    Application to <LoA> - <Zeales>

    Handled. Love gw2. Good mark jabs
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    Tiranae - LoA Application

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    Sirsplened- legends of ahria

    Thanks for the app. We are generally closed in LoA for recruitment at this time. Your relationship with Disgust may grant you a trial period for us to see if you add value. Contact Ponder in discord/game to follow up.
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    Fengold - LOA Application

    Thanks for the app Fengold. We are closed to fresh recruits in LoA for the time being. The only exception to this would be if you feel you can add tremendous value to our PvP endeavors or if a UDL Knight vouches for you personally. If you feel that your skill in PvP is high and would like to...
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    Application - Crowfall - Shinzen

    Thank you for the app. Crowfall and LoA recruitment processes are handled differently and by different people. For LoA, we are currently closed to fresh recruits unless there is a compelling reason that you belong with us. For you, that would most likely mean someone from Crowfall vouching for...