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    Application to Albion - TicklingTaint

    Don't be intimidated by our stature. We'll be the judge of your PvP skills.
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    Application to Albion - 1337paintbal

    You have my vouch. Glad to see you commit.
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    Application to Albion Online - BeerWench

    Thank you for the application sir. We regret to inform you that your soul will now be devoured by the Lord of Bones himself. Praise Myrkul.
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    Aplication to UDL - Texan

    Hail! About time!
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    Application to Albion - Kerbeccz

    yeah, dude is already active in pk discord. let's get him tagged.
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    gravyrobber aka Bob - Albion Online

    Hey Bob, thanks for the app. Let's get you into discord. How does meeting up Monday night sound?
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    Application to Crowfall - innate

    lol, am I the only one who caught that he isn't a fan of fathering?
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    Application to Albion - Aconir

    Yessir. Talked with Aconir a few days ago. Sounds like he would make a great addition.
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    Albion Online - Staff Crafting Profession

    Where'd you go?
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    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,

    No dude... the purpose of life is life. One will never find purpose while searching within one's life, for life itself is the purpose.