New Profile Posts!!!

  1. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Pest
    I really do love you guys and a bad word about UDL will never come from my keyboard or mouth. Im the bad apple, not you guys.
  2. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Pest
    NM. My word I wont post another thing on your forums, But I would appreciate if you let me apologize in PMs. You have my word I will never post or enter your discord.
  3. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Pest
    lame. erase that. I will come back and type something better
  4. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Terror
    Damn dude. You always had my back. I love you man and Im sorry. I was such a fucktard back then. I know it didn't hurt you with the guild because you have always been what UDL is all about. Im sorry I let you down.. Someday we will play together in something and I will be there for you. Shit, good luck Terror.
  5. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Savante
    Im sorry brother. You knighted me and didn't deserve any of the bullshit that came from me. I am so embarrassed. Good people, great friends, awesome gamers, and a complete asshole. I wish I could take it back.
  6. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Pest
    God damn, Im sorry man. I don't even know what to say. You were one of my best friends in video games. please accept my apology. I wish you nothing but the best.
  7. Tom Wheeler
    Tom Wheeler Salina
    Im sorry Sal. There is no explanation good enough. God, it took me an hour to right that, I am sorry. I wish the best for you.
  8. PegLeg
    Real Pegleg. Real Pirate. Real Pissed.
  9. Syrric
  10. Casimir
    Casimir Xymox
    Yo, I hear you live in Smithfield NC? I live in Clayton.
    1. Xymox
      Yeah I do, we should grab a beer sometime!
      Aug 30, 2018
  11. Atodaso
  12. Spawl
    Spawl Tourach
    Tourach, you still around?
  13. Atodaso
    Not the kinda person to say Atodaso, but you know what? Atodaso. I fuckin' Atodaso.
  14. Ginko
    Ginko Tourach
    What's up old man? Long time no see. How are things going with you?
  15. Kainthes
    Playing - Crowfall
  16. Spawl
    Played with UDL in Star Wars The Old Republic (for a little bit) and Darkfall. Getting ready to do some work in Bless Online and CrowFall.
  17. Ghoul
    Ghoul Stab
    Your D3 necro needs some work. It looks so sad.
  18. Ghoul
    Ghoul Karma
    I just started playing D3 again after 2 years off. Trying out the Necro and I like it.
  19. Kaboukie
    I say I say Dog could you bring me a lemonade.
  20. pr3d
    Looking to Join up with UDL , was UDL last Beta as well. IGN r3bel / pr3d