New Profile Posts!!!

  1. Syrric
  2. Casimir
    Casimir Xymox
    Yo, I hear you live in Smithfield NC? I live in Clayton.
    1. Xymox
      Yeah I do, we should grab a beer sometime!
      Aug 30, 2018
  3. Atodaso
  4. Spawl
    Spawl Tourach
    Tourach, you still around?
  5. Atodaso
    Not the kinda person to say Atodaso, but you know what? Atodaso. I fuckin' Atodaso.
  6. Ginko
    Ginko Tourach
    What's up old man? Long time no see. How are things going with you?
  7. Kainthes
    Playing - Crowfall
  8. Spawl
    Played with UDL in Star Wars The Old Republic (for a little bit) and Darkfall. Getting ready to do some work in Bless Online and CrowFall.
  9. Ghoul
    Ghoul Stab
    Your D3 necro needs some work. It looks so sad.
  10. Ghoul
    Ghoul Karma
    I just started playing D3 again after 2 years off. Trying out the Necro and I like it.
  11. Kaboukie
    I say I say Dog could you bring me a lemonade.
  12. pr3d
    Looking to Join up with UDL , was UDL last Beta as well. IGN r3bel / pr3d
  13. Ginko
    Ginko Everrest
    where the fuck have you been?
  14. Ginko
    Ginko Zers
    Where is my Zers!
  15. campeau
    Thurik, Squire from UDL.
  16. (TSP) Baraz - Siriel
    (TSP) Baraz - Siriel
    Playing various MMOs, trying to finish a few, played DF-ROA, etc.
  17. Trotti Lv
    Trotti Lv Skunk
    Hey u remember me
  18. Chaosfiend
    [UDL] NecroLyte
  19. Hillbilly
    Hillbilly Sachant
    hey I am bored mmos
    you got a code for WoW?
    I wanna see if the new stuff is fun :)
    purdy pweease
    1. Sachant
      Just saw this. What kind of code were you looking for?
      Jun 7, 2017
  20. Deathwish
    Deathwish Sequitor
    Dude your killing me